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1285 Muscle Overview


1285 muscle reviewDave's Rating: 1.5 stars


1285 Muscle is a recent entry into the muscle building supplement arena that would like to take the body building world by storm.  Using slick photos of bulging, fatless bodies, it aims to tempt and entice the “average Joe” to buy a pill that'll make him look like The Rock. 


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Some of the promises made by 1285 Muscle are: 


·         Faster metabolism 

·         Less body fat 

·         Faster recovery times after workouts 

·         More endurance 

·         Greater energy 

·         Better protein synthesis for bigger muscles 


We were skeptical when we saw the website and the claims, so we did our own digging so we could find the truth about this stuff. 


How 1285 Muscle Works 


According to the 1285 Muscle website, it's all about the nitric oxide, or at least mostly. What nitric oxide does is relax the walls of blood vessels. This has the effect of making them larger, allowing more blood to flow more freely through. When you've got more blood flowing through your veins, you've got more nutrients and oxygen being delivered to your muscles where they're needed. And when your muscles are getting more oxygen and nutrients, they can work harder, recover faster, and grow bigger. 


1285 Muscle Ingredients 


The 1285 Muscle ingredient list includes: 


·         Calcium which stimulates metabolism and helps the cardiovascular system to function properly. 

·         Folate which aids in cell repair and helps with your weight control efforts. 

·         L-Taurine, an amino acid that strengthens the hears and lowers cholesterol. 

·         Vitamin C which is an essential nutrient that helps detoxify the body and protect against free radical damage. 

·         Lovage which helps keep cells healthy through the mechanism of detoxification. 

·         L-Citrulline which increases strength and metabolism. 


What's puzzling about this list is that it doesn't contain L-Arginine or anything else that purports to increase nitric oxide in the body.  Yet elsewhere on the website, it is claimed that 1285 Muscle actually contains nitric oxide. 


1285 Muscle Benefits  


·         It contains natural, healthy ingredients. 


1285 Muscle Drawbacks  

  • It is sold through a free trial offer that is anything but free (to be explained later). 
  • We found no independent 1285 Muscle reviews from customers who've used it. 
  • The claim that it works through the mechanism of nitric oxide seems unsupported by the ingredients list.

My Personal Results With 1285 Muscle


I went into my experiment with mixed feelings.  On the one hand, there's this blog telling me I'm going to get great results from it, and on the other hand I was a bit skeptical based on what I was reading on various forums.


I started taking 1285 muscle exactly as the directions on the label stated, and after a few days I still was not seeing any results.  Getting a little frustrated, I decided to up the dosage by one pill for one week and see if that made a differerence.


1285 muscle resultsThe result???  Nothing....I didn't feel any better than before, wasn't getting "jacked", and certainly did not notice a difference in my manhood.  After 2 weeks of taking it with absolutely no results, I tossed the bottle in the trash.


I went back to my normal pre workout supplement and one day I went into my online banking account to find that I had been charged $90 by 1285 Muscle!!


I called their customer service line and was like "what the hell?", and they were like "oh you signed up for a free trial of 1285 muscle".  I said to them, no, I signed up to receive the free sample and they told me their was no such thing as a free sample of it.


I tried and tried and tried to get them to issue me a refund, to no avail...Crooks!  After doing a little bit of research I noticed that I was not the only one.  There were literally dozens of other guys that fell for the same scam, and many of them were complaining they'vd been duped $100's by this company! 


Where to Buy 


Through the official 1285 Muscle website, you'll find a “free trial” offer.  You pay only shipping up front for a 30 day supply.  If you do nothing withing 14 days of the day you sign up for the offer, your credit card will be charged $90 for that “free” bottle, and you'll be signed up to pay another $90 each month for a new supply.  These kinds of deals are notoriously problematic.  The terms are written in the very fine print.  Most people who sign up for them are unaware of what they're getting into, and when they find out and try to cancel and correct the situation, they are met with much difficulty. 




We generally advise guys to stay away from supplements sold under these “free trial offers”. We make no exception for 1285 Muscle. On top of that, let's just imagine for a moment that it did REALLY work.  Why would they need to funnel guys into an auto rebill, auto-shipment program if they feel their product really works?


Stay away from it guys, trust me!

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My Top Pre-Workout Supplement Choice - Nitrocut
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