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BathMate Review


Note: This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the Official Bathmate Website.

BathMate is one of its kind and unique male enhancement product that claims to be the number one penis enlargement pump in USA. A vacuum pump by nature, it has been frequently and effectively used by many users across the globe. The focus of this article is to provide an unbiased review of the various features, strengths and weaknesses of BathMate in a simple and easy way.  

What is BathMate? 

BathMate is actually a water-based penis pump or simple a water pump that works to boost penile erections. It can be used to: 

i)             Treat erectile dysfunction in men 

ii)            Boost sexual performance by strengthening and maintaining erections for a longer period of time 

One strong yet controversial claim of BathMate is “penis enlargement” of up to 3 inches. It must be noted that, scientifically, all penis pumps or vacuum pumps (including BathMate) only work to produce penis “engorgement” and not “enlargement”. Engorgement is the temporary, short-term increase in penis size due to faster and longer erections of the penis. Enlargement, on the other hand, is permanent and occurs in penis both in erect as well as flaccid states.  

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials of the Bathmate

There are quite a few good and strongly positive reviews and recommendations on BathMate’s effectiveness in causing potent erections without any side effects or health risks. Most of such reviews are present on the official as well as third party websites. Majority of such reviews and testimonials note BathMate’s effectiveness and safety for causing prompt and potent penis erections. Furthermore, it is always advisable to do further research on the online opinions of various users.  

How does BathMate work (Mode of action)? 

By nature, BathMate is water vacuum pump. It has to be worn while taking bath or shower. Once you wear it on your penis, it creates a unique hydro (water) vacuum. This vacuum or suction, in turn, acts as a force or pressure that works to draw more and more blood towards and into your penis. The result is quicker, stronger and longer erection that could maintained for hours.  

BathMate is for you if: 

  • You are fond of using penis vacuum pumps 
  • You want to use a completely safe (side effects-free) male enhancement solution to your sexual problems  
  • You don’t like to use dangerous allopathic medical / clinical drugs such as Viagra or Levitra or Cialis 

BathMate is not for you if: 

  • You don’t like penis vacuum pumps 
  • You are looking for a real and permanent penis enlargement and not just a temporary solution for few minuets or hours  
  • You do not like to take baths frequently  
  • You are allergic to any of the materials used in its production  
  • Do not feel comfortable while wearing an external device on your penis for regular basis  

Pros of BathMate 

  • Currently, the official BathMate site is offering a special discount / sale price that could help you save up to $40.  
  • Bathmate is affordable for most as it comes at the economical price of only $139.99. 
  • Product is quick to act and can lead to erection in few minutes.  
  • There are no side effects or health risks / complications  
  • BathMate offers a 12-month long Moneyback guarantee to all of its buyers and users  

Cons of BathMate 

  • Product can only work with water (while taking bath / shower)
  • Will not cause permanent enlargement of penis
  • The “wet experience of water” may not be suitable and convenient for all users
  • This product, because of its very nature, can not be used any time, all the time and everywhere.
  • In some rare cases, users have experienced mild redness or rashes at the skin of the penis after prolong use of BathMate

Our recommendation 

In short, it must be remembered that BathMate is not a penis extender or a herbal enhancement pill. It will probably work effectively and safely like any other vacuum pump and, thus, will be effective for the short term treatment of male impotency or erectile dysfunction. However, we do question the official claims about causing 3-inch “permanent enlargement” of the penis (both in thickness and length). The product, however, comes with a long Moneyback guarantee and at an affordable cost. Therefore, if you want to use it and experience results, you can surely do so as, apparently, there is no significant financial risk involved.  

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