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Introduction and Background 

Achieving longer, stronger and firmer erections has always been a universal dream for male population. Even speaking of ancient cultures like those of Egypt, Greece and Rome, naked males with harder, erected penises were portrayed in scriptures, paintings and statutes as the potent symbols of vigour, virility and masculinity. The same goes true for today’s men as well. However, while the dream essentially remains the same, the ways of fulfilling it have been more diversified and easier, thanks to the advancements in medical and natural sciences. The following article is intended to highlight some natural or herbal pills that are frequently and successfully used by thousands of men worldwide to achieve long lasting erections: 

vigrx plusVigRX Plus  

Recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm for better erection quality and increases sexual performance, VigRX Plus is a herbal product that has been recommended and endorsed by several doctors and physicians. Unlike the other numerous “scam male enhancement products” available in the market, VigRX is not only scientifically backed and clinically trialled product but bears the quality and action like any other prescription product like Viagra or Cialis (and yet it comes without prescription). On top of that, there have been no reported side effects to date and the product comes with a full money back guarantee.  

What makes VigRX unique? 

·         All of the products are fresh and natural 

·         Has been recommended by renowned health care experts 

·         Has a high safety profile (no known side effects) 

·         Treats the underlying “cause” and not just symptoms (this results in the permanent cure of the core issue) 

·         Not only improves erections but also potentiates orgasms and enhances the quality and quantity of the sperms and the seminal fluid 

·         Comes with specific “optimised” dosing that makes its effects long-lasting and efficacious 

·         Has brand new ingredients backed by a decade-long research including Bioperine (clinically proven efficacy enhancer) 

·         Has a well-detailed official website that contains wealth of information, users testimonials and full details on how to order, delivery and money back guarantee

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vimaxVimax Pills

Vimax pills are relatively new pills in the male enhancement industry and yet have gained considerable fame and popularity among thousands of satisfied users for its ability to boost libido and penile erections within minimum timeframe. Users’ testimonials and reviews show that Vimax pills can help achieve longer and harder erections within few weeks and without any side effects. The product is herbal by nature and is composed of well known ingredients such as Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder, Ginseng, Cayenne Pepper, Hawthorn Berries Extract, Saw Palmetto Fatty Acids, Oat Straw Extract and Rice Flour.  

What makes Vimax unique? 

·         What makes Vimax really unique is the fact that it is free from any artificial preservatives, synthetic ingredients and allergens like corn, yeast, wheat gluten, sugar or fake flavours.  

·         The parent company’s official website contains a variety of testimonials and reviews by satisfied consumers. 

·         Product is research backed and comes from a US-Based company that has 11-year experience in the field of male reproductive health 

·         Product works gradually, progressively and yet effectively unlike other scam supplements that make false promises of “miraculous overnight” results 

·         Parent company is genuine and credible and holds a Health Canada Pharmaceutical Establishment Licence (EL) for quality assurance 

·         The company comprises of more than 250 health professionals who arte experts in their relative fields 

·         The manufacturer company has its 24/7 customer care department that can be accessed via chat / email or phone anytime, everywhere.  

·         Product is shipped on priority and delivered discretely and with full confidentiality 

·         There is a 60-day full-backed money back guarantee 

·         Product has been found to be economical and cost-effective for most users 

·         Product is shipped fast and to various regions including Europe, North America and Asia 

·         Product contains 100% all natural and pure ingredients 

·         It has been backed by doctors and physicians  

See How Vimax Compares To Vigrx Plus


The above-mentioned sex pills can be considered unique because of two main reasons. First, both of these pills comprise of clinically tested and scientifically backed ingredients. Secondly, they come from genuine and credible professional companies that have several years of research in their portfolio. Therefore, for those looking particularly to enhance and boost their erections and last longer in bed, these sex pills present a promising and logical option that comes with safety and affordability.  

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