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blast xlBlast XL Review

Dave's Rating: 3.5 stars

Blast XL, often combined with a product called grow xl, is a rather new male enhancement supplement that is taken orally. This product is intended to increase sexual stamina, endurance, pleasure, and create a healthier prostate gland and penis. All of these are claims merely from the manufacturer with their own research and development department. However, Blast XL is still new and should not be ruled out completely as a male enhancement that is worth taking.  

Ingredients in Blast XL and How It Works 

Inside Blast XL are natural ingredients that have been used by many other supplements for the same intentions. These natural ingredients are used for different purposes such as blood flow, sperm development, energy boosting, increased libido (sexual desire), and testosterone distribution. All of these benefits can only be gained naturally through the use of herbal tonics, which are herbs that assist the entire body in order to maintain a proper and healthy functioning body. Sexual organs and feelings decrease if your body is not supplying blood and oxygen properly. Blast XL fortunately does contain some of the most important natural herbs, which are: 

·         Muira Puama Extract Almost found in every male enhancement supplement. Used to assist with all deficiencies that cause a male to not perform as sexually as desired. 

·         Horny Goat Weed Increases sexual libido greatly while also creating a better blood flow to the penile area. 

·         Pumpkin Seed – This seed contains large amounts of essential fatty acids, which are used to increase blood flow, cardiovascular health, and overall organ health. 

·         Maca Root – Stated to increase male sperm production, but has not been proven yet. 

·         L-Carnitine – Boosts the energy production, which increase sexual stamina and endurance. 

An overall heightened sexual pleasure will occur from these ingredients being combined together, but nothing is really special about the formula except for the differences in the amount of each ingredient. Compared to other male enhancement supplements, such as Zygain, Blast XL just does not have enough oomph to match them or be noted as superior.  

What are Other Benefits are received from Blast XL?  

Blast XL is intended only for increased sexual desire and pleasure, and that is for both you and your partner. However, it does advertise the fact that it will increase penis length due to the increased blood flow to the area, which in this case is the truth. But without a continuous use of Blast XL your newly lengthened penis with go back to normal size. So that means if you want an actual penis enlargement pill, Blast XL is simply not the product for you to purchase. 

Customer Reviews of Blast XL? 

There are no “real” reviews on this supplement yet by those who have actually taken it. This should affect your decision a bit seeing as how the company has managed to only have their own advertising as the top five plus pages on the search engine. Does it mean to completely disregard Blast XL? No, all it means is to have some caution when deciding on trying this product, which is not really because of health side effects, but mainly because of how much it costs and how its effectiveness is for you. 

Where To Buy Blast XL 

You can only purchase this male enhancement supplement through their main website. They do not have this product for sell anywhere but on the internet, and you will not find it on any online stores such as Amazon. However, they do offer a free 14 day trial in which you get to sample the product, but only after you provide them with your credit card information. After that 14 day trial an auto payment and shipping will occur. This means you are stuck paying for it until you contact their customer service. 


·         Natural ingredients 

·         Not a recurring supplement (Taken only before sexual activities) 

·         Price in comparison to leading brands is cheaper, but you have to buy 3 bottles or more per order. (3 bottles for $89.99) 


·         The ingredients and formula are not very unique. 

·         Vague consumer reviews 

·         Free trial is a bit misleading 

·         Returns are only money back if you did not open the bottle. 


It might be worth the trouble of taking advantage of their free 14 day trial offer. The reason why is simply because it is supposed to work within an hour of you taking it before sexual activity, and if it does not then you will know it is not right for you. Also, this is not a penis growth supplement, which usually takes about a month to truly see results.

Although it is a bit annoying for you to take the risk of auto payment, the true reality is the consumers fault for not contacting the company to cancel the free trial offer. The ingredients cause no known side effects, and have been proven to help male performance with the exception of maca root. Overall, Blast XL is mediocre and worth you giving a try as long as the price stays right.

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