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ciatra reviewCiatra Review  


Dave's Rating: 3 stars


Ciatra is a male enhancement supplement of the Viagra-Alternative variety.  You don't need to take it every day.  You take it when you expect to be engaging in sexual activity, and you'll prepared to impress.  According to some of the promotional materials, stiffness and size are the key ingredients to an amazing sexual life.  And you're in luck because Ciatra focuses on those two things:  stiffness and size.


Much of the marketing material for Ciatra is devoted to graphic images and over-hyped text about how you'll have the biggest and hardest penis she's every seen, and that you'll get that way immediately after taking one dose.  The thing about marketing like this is that it may get some guys at first.  I mean, who doesn't what what this stuff offers?  But that's as far as it goes because more times than not, hype like this isn't backed up with the real goods. 


And that's our job – to determine whether or not the marketing hype about Ciatra is fact or fiction.  So we dig deeper than marketing to find out. 


How Ciatra Works 


According to the product website, Ciatra blocks the catalyzed proteins, which makes sexual stimulation trigger the discharge of nitrogen monoxide (nitric oxide)into the erectile tissue.  And this action activates the entire erectile mechanism. So while they say it a bit differently, the mechanism of action for Ciatra is about the same as it is for most of the male enhancement products we see. 


No mention is made of aphrodisiacs or energy enhancers, so we don't know whether or not those are present as well.  It also doesn't explain how this action causes a penis to achieve permanent size increases. 


Dosing instructions are to take 1 capsule about 5 or 10 minutes before a sexual encounter.  They say that the more you use it, the better it works.  It makes sense that if you take a supplement daily, its effects will accumulate in your system.  But we're not sure that holds true for something you take intermittently, even if it's relatively frequently. 


Ciatra Ingredients  


These are not listed on the website, but we were able to get some information about what's in the formula.  We can't verify it, but what we found is: Ashwaganda, Shilajit, Ginger, Saged Musli, Saffron, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Mucuna Pruriens. 


If this is the complete list, we're somewhat disappointed because none of these has a direct effect on nitric oxide, which is how Ciatra is supposed to work. 


Benefits of Ciatra 


·         There is a 90 day guarantee. 


Drawbacks of Ciatra 


·         The ingredients are not listed. 

·         We found no Ciatra reviews from actual customers online. 

·         It makes somewhat outrageous claims like instant erections and permanent penis growth. 


Where to Buy 


You can buy Ciatra from the product website.  A singe bottle of 15 capsules costs $31.  You will get discounts if you buy multiple bottles at once.  For instance, 4 bottles costs $91. 




Every time we come across a male enhancement product that makes unsupportable claims and uses graphic, unprofessional marketing, we have to assume that they're doing this because they won't be able to make many sales based on the factual merits alone.  This is the case with Ciatra, which is why we simply cannot recommend it. 


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