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Code Red 7  

Dave's Rating:  3.5 stars

top choicesCode Red 7 is a brand name given to a male enhancement supplement that comes in the oral pill form. It is commonly used for the enhancement of male sexual performance and function.  

What is Code Red 7? 

Code Red 7 is a typical male sexual enhancement pill for oral use and is primarily recommended for the enhancement of penile erections. What really distinguishes Code Red 7 from other male enhancement pills or supplements is the fact that, unlike other similar pills, it does not need to be taken on daily basis. Instead, it can be taken on “as needed” basis.  

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product 

There have been some independent testimonials and online reviews about the safety and efficacy of Code Red 7, mostly positive. However, there are no “official” reviews as there is no official website for the product. In addition, the number and quality of independent reviews is relatively lower as compared to the reviews and testimonials present for other products.  

Composition / ingredients of Code Red 7 

The following is the list of the major ingredients found in Code Red 7: 

  • Horny Goat Weed 
  • Caltrops and, 
  • Dong Quai & Maca 

How does Code Red 7 work (Mode of action)? 

code red 7 reviewCode Red 7 primarily targets the erectile capacity of men, probably by increasing the blood flow to the penis. How it achieves this is not clear. However, because of the presence of certain herbal ingredients, it can be said that it works by causing an increase in the release of nitric oxide, which in turns causes vasodilation of the penile blood vessels. The net overall effect is increase in the frequency, quality and duration of penis erections.  

Code Red 7 is for you if: 

  • You don’t want to use pills on regular basis 
  • You are looking only for a pill for an “occasional” use for a temporary enhancement of sexual function 
  • You would not use allopathic of clinical pharmaceutical drugs  
  • You will only use an all-herbal natural supplement that does not contain any synthetic ingredients  

Code Red 7 is not for you if: 

  • You want a permanent or long-term solution for your sexual problems  
  • You can take pill on daily / regular basis to improve your sexual function and performance consistently and permanently   
  • You wish to try a medical drug or prescription-based brand such as Viagra or Levitra 
  • You want to actually “enlarge” your penis size  

Pros of Code Red 7 

  • Does not need to be taken daily  
  • Affordable and economical cost as each bottle is priced at $34.95  
  • The product packaging / labelling contains a complete list of all the ingredients  

Cons of Code Red 7 

  • A full pack only contains 10 pills / capsules 
  • Cost per pack ($44.95) may relatively higher for some users 
  • There is no official website for the product 
  • Capsule should be taken at least 45 minutes before having the sexual intercourse 
  • There are no scientific studies or trials to support the official claims 
  • No Moneyback guarantee or product discounts 

Our recommendation 

All in all, Code Red 7 appears to be just another typical male enhancement pill. While it does have some benefits such as “as needed” use and the presence of Caltrops as one of its key ingredients, it does have a variety of its own short comings. For example, the product does not have any credible or official website. It is certainly not the cheapest product of its kind and also, it does not come with any bonuses, discount or Moneyback guarantee.  

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