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Dangerous Male Enhancement Pills

There are thousands of various male enhancement products, pills, oinments, and creams all over the internet and stores. What many men don't know, is that some of these can be potentially dangerous, and some are even life threatening. We decided to create this section of our website to inform you of any supplements that we come across that can possibly present a danger to you.

We have evaluated the effectiveness of several hundred different capsules, and every once in awhile we come across some of these. Do your best to steer clear of these products if you ever come across them, or at the very least try to speak to your doctor before starting any regiment:


This product was introduced back in 2005, and was actually quite a hit when it hit the shelves. It promises an all natural erection just an hour or two after taking, and was said to work for up to 48 hours. The problem with this "so-called" all natural product was that it contained a generic version of Sildenafil.

Because it was manufactured by a company called Libidfit AG located in Germany, it bypassed all of the regular filters that the FDA put in place to avoid the sale of pharmacuetical type agents without proper approval.

Because it contained an active ingredient similar to those found in prescription drugs such as Viagra or Cialis, it is no longer available for sale in the US or Canada.

male enhancement side effectsMan Up Now

This is another so-called supplement that the FDA has issued a warning for because it contains an ingredient called sulfoaildenafil which has the same chemical makeup as sildenafil. Often the side effects of Man Up lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure, which caused symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation, headaches, and in some cases, heart palpitations.

Because pills like this one are not regulated by the FDA, men generally do not speak with a doctor before trying them out. What is also dangerous is when this supplement is taken with drugs that are used to treat low blood pressure.

Stiff Nights

stiff nights dangerousLike most of the others, the FDA has issued warnings about stiff nights because it contains pharmaceutical ingredients that are actually not even listed on the package. This blatant disregard for the safety of their users places them in the lowest of the low category.

We actually did quite a bit of research on this product and noticed that the majority of users had alot of complaints about it. Side effects ranged from the minor (headache, upset stomach), to some men actually being hospitalized. If your looking to "regain the thunder" you should completely avoid this supplement and visit a fireworks show.

This is just a sample of some of the many products that are out there not only considered dangerous, but some are even being completely recalled from the market. To keep track of male enhancement pills that are potentially dangerous, please sign up for our email list to the right of the page to stay informed. You can also follow the FDA recall information page anytime you are considering purchasing one of these supplements.

We have researched hundreds of pills, and have only found a few that actually work without an problems. Check out our top choices for male enhancement here.

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