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Erexor Review

erexor does it workMale Enhancement pills have taken the market by storm in the past few years, and it can be hard to tell which ones actually work. Erexor has been around for about 2 years now, more than enough time for them to prove themselves. But do they actually work? We decided to take an in-depth review of this supplement and give you our honest and unbiased opinion of this product.

After scouring the internet for results and testimonials from customers, it was evident that this product may work.


What is Erexor
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What is Erexor

Manufactured by powernutra and sold in many local herbal supplement stores. It usually sells for around $25, which makes it one of the cheapest herbs on the shelves. They claim their proprietary blend of herbs and extracts will help you with an increase in length and girth. Customers have reported an increase in their penis length by up to 2 inches, and a higher sex drive.

However, there is no way to conclusively determine whether or not these men really gained plausible results.  The sheer fact that this company makes claims of penile length increases, without supporting those claims with concrete evidence in the form of clinical data or doctor testimonials, its hard to say if it really does work.  Products such as vigrx plus, which also make claims that their product can actually grow your member, back up their claim with one of the only clinical studies ever conducted regarding expanding the penile tissue through the use of a supplement.

Ingredients in Erexor

The ingredients in Erexor include ginkgo biloba, damiana, and bilberry. While some of these ingredients have been proven to increase circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, they were never proven to make your penis bigger. It does however contain yohimbe, which is considered by many physicians a "natural Viagra", however the concentrations of this herb are very low.

Having used yohimbe before in a number of different products, it is very important to recognize how dangerous this substance actually is.  Yohimbe is actually so strong that it has been banned in over 55 different countries, including Australia and the Netherlands.  It may actually be on the verge of being banned in the US as well, but the government may just limit the quantity to a very insignificant amount.  You can find concentrations of yohimbe anywhere from 4% - 20%, obviously the higher the concentration, the more susceptible to side effects.

From personal experience, I used a product called rezzrx, which contains about 5 mg of yohimbine.  After a couple of hours, I felt a very flushed feeling, like blood was rushing to my head.  It made me kind of dizzy, but the worst part was the nausea, which seemed to last for hours.  This is why I try to avoid products that contain yohimbe.

Erexor Review

"I pretty much tried every erection product on the market before Erexor. I wish I would have known about this product first and bought Erexor pills instead! No other product could do for me what these ones did. Finally a pill that really does what it promises! "
Phil, Florida

"I Took these pills for a little more than two months and didn't see any difference. Save your money and try something else."
John, NJ

"When I ordered them I thought I was getting an enhancer, it wasn't even that, it was some sort of diet drug...DON'T BUY THEM"
Review listed on Amazon

Our Own Personal Video Review

Where To Buy Erexor

Compared with most performance enhancement supplements, such as prolatis 2.0, erexor is really cheap.  That being said, cheap ingredients and a cheap price will give you a cheap product.  Amazon sells Erexor for around $14 for a one months supply, which contains 60 capsules. 

We also found it for sale on ebay for a low price of $29 for 3 bottles, which works out to just $9.66 per bottle.  That being said, the product quality is comparable to that of expanzite, which contains many of the same ingredients.

We actually found someone on ebay that was selling Erexor for $6 for a "used" bottle, but we never recommend buying a supplement that has already been opened.  Stick with the manufacturer on this one, and either visit their official site or amazon.


Most reviews on Amazon, EBay, and other related sites report no real growth in size or girth from taking this product. We could only find one satisfactory review on every website we checked, and they reported that their wife was also taking the product and getting more from them then he was. From these opinions from actual users we have determined that Erexor may work to increase sexual interest and stamina, but nothing more.

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