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Magna Rx has been producing high quality supplements in the sexual health and fitness market for about 10 years now, and has grown to become a leader in the industry. Their brands include Alpha Male Plus, Lava For Women, reZerect, and a host of other products, which are all designed to help stimulate sex and act as precursors. We ordered a bottle of Magna Rx + and it arrived at our headquarters about 4 days in a plain, discreet box. We tested this pill for its potency, and decided to give our visitors an inside look.

Review Summary

Magna RX Plus was designed by a Dr. Aguilar, who is supposedly an expert in the field of erectile dysfunction, and is purportedly a slow acting male enhancement supplement. We could not find much information about this physician, other than he is a board certified urologist who has been practicing his profession for about 20+ years. He invented this formulation after his study on male sexual function associated a close relationship between erections and certain ingredients.

Those ingredients include a proprietary blend of nutrients and herbal extracts, which are supposed to increase the rate of blood flow to the penis during sexual intercourse. The ingredients in Magna Rx+ are as follows: Maca, Oat Straw, Horny Goat Weed, Oyster Meat, Catuaba Bark, Pygeum Bark, Asian Ginseng, L-Arginine, Cayenne Powder, Muira Puama, Astragalus, and Pumpkin seed.

It is designed to be taken as a dietary supplement, and the directions on the bottle call for the ingestion of 2 pills per day. The Manufacturer is Magna-RX Inc., which is located in Thousand Oaks, California.

User Results

Since this product has been on the market for so long, there are a wide variety of testimonials available on many third party sites. The majority of user feedback we found indicated that magna rx + is not a very effective supplement, however it should be noted that every man responds differently to these types of therapies. Here is some user feedback we came across in our research:

"hey i got my pills to from the real seller i got free two month supply of magna rx. plus i got 1.magna topical lotion and i got a trail pack of magna rx tra 2 pills in each pack so 4 pills trail. she give me to me because i had the old bottle or fake magna rx pills. So i try them i had some side effect like i was really hot one night and i could t sleep but after that i took more daily had no know side effect. so yea it works for me."
Marc, USA

"I ordered a 2 months supply of this product because it was relatively inexpensive and easy to order. What a waste, this stuff really doesn't work. You would be better off burning your money."
Todd, Texas

"I have been trying out alot of different supplements over the years, and I decided on Magna Rx because most of the stuff i tried didn't work. This stuff was actually not that bad, although i did get a little bit of a headache off of it. If i could rate it on a scale from one to ten i would give it a 7. Not sure if i would order again."
Rich, Indiana

"I used this product (Magna Rx+), and as it stated to make you 4 inches I only gained 1 inch from taking 4 bottles of a 4 month supply. So there's ups and downs. It made me thicker more than growth..."
Rmathis909, Youtube user review

"I think it's a good product. I always feel more energized. i took before going to sleep and felt energized when I woke up. Magna Rx Plus works along with exercising and good diet and jelqing. I gained 2 1/2 inches in 4 1/2 months I'm now 8.3 inches. I took some over the counter men vitamins as well. good luck"
Vazquez4910, Youtube user review

"Magna rx increases volume it seems. started the regimen again but there is something worthknowing. just got some nitric oxide to help my weightlifting a little. well it has quite the favorable interaction with magna rx... it seems to be acting like an effect multiplier. you will need to try for yourself to believe it. Im guessing this will work with any product that nourishes the tissues to promote growth (like magna rx) and any nitric oxide supplement..."
Raginlertarian, Youtube User Review

"It added girth in less than 2 months and started to add length in the 4th month for me. im gettin back on it and im gonna stay on it for a year."

Raginlibertarian, Youtube user review

Our Own Personal Video Review

Pricing and Availability

This supplement is one of the few that is actually available in major retail stores like Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's, and other national chains. It is also available online either through amazon, or other select retailers, and the most convenient option is to order it through their official website.

The average retail price is around $10 online, and around $8 in stores.  This price compares so several other products in this category, including durexo and stamina rx. We suspect that the quality of the product is not very good due to the low price, but there is no conclusive proof of this.


Based on various user discussions related to magna rx + and other related supplements, we can determine that certain ingredients in this product may be potent enough to help produce sexual arousal. Ingredients like L-Arginine and Horny Goat Weed are found in several very potent enhancement products, and can also be used as an aphrodisiac. After reading through several customer testimonials, however, we are not sure that there is the right quantity or blend of these ingredients to produce a healthy, all natural effect. We will be testing this product for its potency shortly and will return to post our results in a video.

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