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male enhancement patchesThere are tons of sexual enhancement products cluttering the market all of the time, and they have been seen in practically all forms.  From pills to ointments to stretching devices, it never ceases to amaze us the sheer amount of supplements and products that are available for men to try.  One type we have recently come across is male enhancement patches.  These patches look alot like the ones smokers wear when taking a stop-smoking aid, except these are supposed help boost your libido.  We have reviewed several dozen of these products in an effort to determine whether or not they work.  Let's talk about how these specific patches are supposed to work, and what your options are.

So How Do They Work?

The idea is simple in practice, but the scientific explanation behind male enhancement patches can often be quite confusing.  We will attempt to "dumb it down" for you so that you have a basic understanding of how it works.  These patches contain many of the same ingredients that are found in pills, such as epimedium, horny goat weed, l-arginine, tribulus terrestris and the like.

how male enhancement patches work

Each patch works differently, but the basic concept involves a rate controlling membrane that slowly works its way into the bloodstream over a period of 12 - 24 hours.  This often makes it more effective to deliver a substance through the skin, because it does not have to pass through the stomach and liver, where pills have to go. 

Benefits of Patches Vs. Pills

The most obvious advantage is the ability of the skin to absorb the fast acting ingredients more efficiently.  As we stated above, when you pop a pill, it has to pass through the stomach and liver before any of the extracts or herbs can be broken down into something that works.  By the time these ingredients make it into the blood stream, as much as 50% of the ingredients can be lost due to digestive properties and waste.

Another benefit is the reduction in adverse side effects, such as nausea.  We can tell you from experience that many products, especially ones that contain yohimbe, can give you some really bad side effects that will make you not want to take anything ever again.

Side Effects of Patches

As with any product, there is always the possibility that some men will not respond to treatment like others, and as a result some side effects do take place.  The most common is skin irritation around the area of treatment, and often can be lessened with various types of creams.  One other possible side effect is rash, which less than 5% of customers even experience.

What is Better a Patch or a Pill?

It really depends on your preference.  Probably the nicest thing about patches are that they do not produce any major side effects, while pills can sometimes have that effect.  However, it has been our finding that pills work most effectively, probably due to their high potency.

Recommended Male Enhancement Patches

Through our own in house testing we have come across only a few patches that actually work very effectively.  Our #1 choice, Pro enhance Patch, has been fully backed by urologist's and physicians worldwide, and recently won a number of awards by leading publications.  Take a look at our top choice and learn more what it can do for you.

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