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Male Libido XL Overview


Dave's Rating:  1.5 stars


There are literally hundreds of male enhancement supplements out there.  There may even be thousands.  The reason there are so many is that the market for them is pretty huge (no pun intended).  Think about it.  What guy doesn't want a bigger penis and better sexual performance?  Now add that to the fact that most guys would rather sear their eyeball with a hot poker than talk to their doctor or anyone else about erectile dysfunction.  Yep, a huge market.  When you've got a market this huge, you're going to find all sorts of products.  Some will work better than others and others will work not at all.   


And you're bound to find some products so shoddily thrown together you can't imagine how they manage to sell any at all. Male Libido XL is, sad to say, one of these products.  Not much has gone into getting real and useful information out about it. There is an official website, but the only purpose it really serves is as a means to place an order.  Nevertheless, we've pieced together what we know so you can make as informed a decision about this as you can about any of the other products we talk about. 


Male Libido XL Ingredients and How They Work 


male libido xl pills reviewWe've got nothing.  Not only is there no ingredient information on the product's website, but we were unable to come up with anything from any source.  There's barely a description of how Male Libido XL works.  It seems as though Male Libido XL wants to be all things to all people (all guys anyway).  It boosts libido, increases stamina and endurance, prevents premature ejaculation, gives you rock hard erections, and over time makes your penis bigger. 


The way the penis enlargement piece is supposed to work is that each time you're aroused, you get a rush of blood flowing into the penile chambers, or corpus cavernosa.  Over time, with so much blood rushing in, eventually the corpus cavernosa grows big enough to accept even more.  There is no evidence that this mechanism works.  In fact it's the general consensus that it doesn't work.  But that doesn't stop supplement companies from trying. 


Benefits of Male Libido XL 


·         None. 


Drawbacks of Male Libido XL 


·         It's expensive. 

·         There's literally no real information available about Male Libido XL and how it works. 


Where to Buy 


Purchasing Male Libido XL is done at the official website.  A one month supply sells for $89.95.  You'll save significantly by buying more than one bottle at a time.  The website mentions a satisfaction guarantee, but states that “restrictions apply.”  It does not go on to explain what those restrictions are. 




We started out this review by stating that there are hundreds of products to choose from.  That's good, because that means that after eliminating Male Libido XL, you still have plenty of options. 


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