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Male Virility XL Overview


Dave's Rating:  3 stars



Male Virility XL, which is not to be confused with a different product called virility ex, wants to boost your confidence so you can be the guy who gets all the girls.  Okay, we're in, right? Who doesn't want to be that guy?  That's how male enhancement supplement marketing works, and it's our job to shed a little daylight on claims and promises and cut to the truth of it all. 


But first, the promises.  By taking Male Virility XL, you'll find yourself with: 


·        Firmer, harder, longer-lasting erections 

·        Increased sexual desire 

·        More energy, stamina, and control 

·        More intense, explosive orgasms 


And now we'll pick Male Virility XL apart and find out whether it delivers or it's just a dud. 


Male Virility XL Ingredients 


male virility xl reviewThe Virility XL website proudly publishes a list of the ingredients that make this stuff tick.  This is very welcome information as it makes us much more able to determine its effectiveness. 




·        Yohimbe for increasing blood flow to the penis.  Yohimbe has been proven effective, but it has also been recommended against by the FDA for its potential to cause serious side effects. 

·        Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba add to the ability of Virility XL to improve erections. 

·        Muira Puama, Damiana, and Butea Superba are all herbal aphrodisiacs known for their ability to increase libido. 

·        Deer Antler Velvet increases male virility. 

·        Tribulus Terrestris for increasing testosterone levels for better desire and performance, as well as overall vitality. 


How Male Virility XL Works 


Male Virility XL is made to be taken daily so that the ingredients in the formula build up in your system.  You will feel some of the effect immediately, but the full benefit will be recognized within about 4 to 5 weeks. Of course, you will probably lose the effects if you stop taking it so it is suggested that you continue using it for optimal results. 


Alternatively, you could take 1 capsule one to two hours before your sexual encounter for a boost in performance and erection quality. I can tell you from experience that taking anything that contains you handy will definitely give you an erection within 30 to 45 minutes. However, I don’t think the side effects are worth it. In my opinion, it’s best to start off with the lowest possible dosage, and take with food. 


Since some of the marketing that I’ve found online talks about enlarging size, I went to search for some male virility XL before and after photos. Unfortunately, I came up short. Do I think that this actually has the potential to grow your size? More than likely not. No pill will do that, despite the claims made by a lot of these companies, including this one. 


Male Virility XL Benefits  


·        The ingredients are listed and all natural 

·        The formula uses a good mix of blood flow stimulators, libido enhancers, and testosterone boosters. 

·        There's a money back guarantee. 


Male Virility XL Drawbacks 


It contains Yohimbe which has been known to cause dangerous side effects.  The FDA has put Yohimbe on its list of herbs that it recommends against.  This isn't a ban, merely a recommendation, but perhaps you can never be too careful. It also doesn’t appear to be sold in stores, so you’re forced to buy it online. There’s also very few customer reviews and or testimonials, as well as no recommendations from doctors or homeopaths. 


Where to Buy 


You can purchase Male Virility XL though the HealthyChoiceNaturals website.  A single bottle contains a 30-day supply and costs $29.  Buying several bottles at once will get you a lower per-bottle price. There does not to be any coupon codes or special deals available on their official website. I also searched around on some of the major retailer websites like Amazon and eBay and unfortunately cannot find it for sale. But one surprise me if it popped-up on there one day. 




Male Virility XL appears to be a solid product with a list of ingredients that together should provide a noticeable benefit.  The biggest problem with Male Virility XL that I see is that it contains Yohimbe.  We hear more and more about the potential dangers of Yohimbe, and at this point we think the wisest thing to do is just to stay away. 


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