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MaxMan Review Overview

maxman pills reviewMaxMan pills are a very popular supplement in malaysia, china, and the phillipines, and promises to help increase the size of your member by up to 3 inches. We love to see companies that make drastic claims like this, and pick out all of the flaws in their argument (see "Advertising Behind Male Enhancement"). The simple fact is, nothing will allow you to gain 3 inches in size, other than an exercise routine, changes in diet, and the use of extender devices, but that is for a whole other article. Instead, we intend to analyze the ingredients, side effects, customer feedback, and pricing information about this supplement to help you make an informed decision.

What is MaxMan Pills?

Maxman pills are designed, manufactured, and distributed by a company located in the far east, a region that sees its fare share of these products. The official website claims that by taking their product, you will gain 3 inches in length, increase your sexual desire, and help with intense orgasms.

The ingredients in these pills include many of the same found in other sexual enhancement products, such as tribulus terrestris, mucuna pruriens, and longfolia. However, it does fall short of containing effective natural herbs such as damiana extract, l-arginine, epimedium, and bioperine, among others.

This product is often confused with a similar sounding pill called Maxaman. Although it is regular practice in the industry to pawn deliberate misspellings of certain names to piggyback off of the brand, we are unsure which company started first.

User Reviews

While there are a dozen or so testimonials on the companys official website, we like to dig a little deeper and search through discussion boards and blog that may be talking about Maxman pills. One discussion forum we came across had a reviewer talk about his friends using it regularly and loving it, but no claims in size or anything. Here is a review we found:

"Maxman pills are great, although i don't see any size gains at all. I didn't get any side effects from it, and the erections I get are amazing. I have tried alot of different products, but i think i will stick with this one."
Raj, Malaysia

Another review we received through Youtube:

"Hi my update on maxman capsule 60 capsule. this stuff really work. i been taking for couple months now it help me alot my stamina is better i aways ger eraction when i need it i grow about 1 in half amost 2 in so far. sometimes i be combing them with arginmax it really give great result. maxman capsule work really well by it self. just a little side effect dizziness but that last you 5 sec."

Slimdude1000, Youtube user review.

Our Own Personal Video Review of MaxMan Pills

Pricing and Availability

Online, there are a couple of dozen places where you can buy maxman pills, but we searched to see if it was available in stores. It seems that some local shops sell it, but it doesn't appear that they are authorized retailers of the supplement. What they may be doing is buying them online at cost, and then marking them up on the store shelves, but we can't be certain of that. The best price available online was on Ebay for $11.50, with $3.75 s/h, for 12 capsules. Many of the companies that sell maxman pills also offer a money back guarantee, which ranges from 7 days, all the way up to 30 days.


This supplement shows promise, but you should be wary of the claims this company makes. Nothing on this earth will make your penis grow 3 inches in such a short period of time (see related article). Any company that makes these claims are walking a very fine line of unscrupulous marketing, and even deceptive male enhancement advertising. At the very least, they are violating a code of ethics by deliberately telling men they will receive benefits from this product that are basically unachievable. Maxman pills also fail to contain the most effective ingredients for all natural enhancement, which are a must when buying an effective product.

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