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Muscle Xlerator Review


Dave's Review:  2.5 stars


In case you've been on an exceedingly long extended vacation or maybe living under a rock, we thought we'd let you know that there are tons of bodybuilding supplements being marketing for sale over the internet these days.  Some are made by well-established supplement companies.  These are generally well documented and thoroughly discussed on bodybuilding web communities and forums.  And some are lone products offered by lesser known companies looking to capitalize on their “breakthrough” formulas.  


Muscle Xlerator is a member of the second group, but it does stand out in its own right.  Most of those supplements are Nitric Oxide bases pre-workouts designed to increase pumps and provide energy during your workouts.  Muscle Xlerator is different in that its primary focus is on building muscle mass. 


muscle xlerator reviewHow Muscle Xlerator Works 


Muscle Xlerator is heavily based in the principle that creatine builds muscle., and that's the focus here – building muscle.  So when you use Muscle Xlerator, you'll see in increase in muscle performance, an increase in muscle size, and an increase in energy and endurance.  You'll still get those more powerful pumps, but you'll also get stronger muscle fibers that recover better and faster, coming back stronger than ever. 


Muscle Xlerator Ingredients 


The Muscle Xlerator formula boasts 5 different types of creatine.  Creatine is very well known to build muscle mass.  It's the most tested bodybuilding compound, and in all those tests, it's been proven safe and effective for everyone, including men, women, and teens. 


Additional ingredients include: 


·        Taurine which improves muscle membrane development and stability. 

·        Vanadyl Sulfate which helps the creatine enter and penetrate the muscle fiber more quickly. 

·        Beta Alanine which increases muscle strength and improves athletic performance on the spot.  This helps you work out harder so you build more muscle. 


The full ingredient list is not provided.  These are just the highlights. 


Muscle Xlerator Benefits 


·        It's focus is on building muscle and increasing strength steadily instead of mere energy boosts that lead to hard crashes afterward. 

·        There's a money back guarantee. 

·        Full contact information is provided. 


Muscle Xlerator Drawbacks 


·        The full ingredient list if not disclosed. 

·        Muscle Xlerator is only available using a free trial offer that may land you in an automatic shipping program you never intended to be part of. 

·        It's expensive. 


Where to Buy 


Muscle Xlerator is available on the internet exclusively through its free trial offer.  You receive a full month's supply for the cost of shipping.  Your 14 day trial begins on the day you order.  If you do not cancel within that time, you'll be charged $89.95 for the initial trial bottle, and you'll be enrolled in the monthly shipping program where you'll be charged that same amount for an additional bottle each month.  You can call to cancel any time, but you'll be stuck paying for all product that's already been sent. 




I like the fact that Muscle Xlerator is based on the muscle building properties of creatine, but I can't get past the scammy free trial offer you need to use in order to buy the stuff.  For that reason, I say find another option. 

My Top Pre Workout Choice - Nitrocut

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My Top Pre-Workout Supplement Choice - Nitrocut
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