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NO2 Maximus Overview


Dave's Rating: 1.5 stars


In today's fast paced world, we all want that ripped body, but who's got time for 4 hour sessions at the gym 5 or 6 days a weed.  Unless bodybuilding is your job, you're not likely to be able to commit that kind of time.  So we look to supplements for help.  NO2 Maximus is a bodybuilding supplement that helps you make the most of each and every minute that you do get to work out.  


NO2 Maximus claims to increase your metabolism, burn more fat, increase your lean muscle making capacity, boost your energy, and improve your sex life.  The website is pretty big on hype and small on actual details, but we scoured it and have picked out the important bits to share with you so you know whether or not to spend your time and money here. 


NO2 Maximus Ingredients. 


no2 maximus reviewThe NO2 Maximus formula is proprietary, so we don't know everything.  But a couple of the ingredients are revealed, and they can give us a pretty good idea what to expect.  Here's what we found: 


·         L-Arginine which is a building block of Nitric Oxide (NO2).  Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessel walls to allow for maximum blood flow.  This ensures that oxygen and nutrients are readily available to the muscles and cells that need them.  You end up with greater energy, stamina, and muscle effectiveness. 

·         Citrulline Malate which increases nitric oxide and improves muscle endurance. 


How NO2 Maximus Works 


The recommended dose is 3 NO2 Maximus capsules in the morning and 3 again in the afternoon.  You should start to see results pretty quickly, and the full effect will be noticed after a few weeks. 


In addition to the bodybuilding benefits, NO2 Maximus will also help you have better erections because of the increased blood flow to the penis as a result of higher Nitric Oxide levels. 


Where to Buy NO2 Maximus 


NO2 Maximus is available only on the internet and only through a free trial offer.  You order a month's supply and pay only shipping costs up front.  If you don't cancel shortly after ordering, you will be charged $70 or so and enrolled into a monthly shipping and payment program.  These kinds of deals are notorious for being very difficult to get out of once they begin. 


NO2 Maximus Benefits  


·         It contains L-Arginine. 


NO2 Maximus Drawbacks  


·         You can only order NO2 Maximus through the “free trail” offer. 

·         It's very expensive. 

·         The full ingredient list is not made available. 


The Final Word 


The bodybuilding community knows their supplements.  NO2 Maximus is not something that bodybuilders take, and it shouldn't be something you take either.  There are real, tried and tested supplements out there to help you build muscle and lost weight.  Don't waste your time on NO2 Maximus.  


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