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red sex monsterRed Sex Monster Review  


Dave's Rating:  3.5 stars



Red Sex Monster is a herbal supplement for improved sexual performance and stamina. The product is all natural and contains a unique blend of botanical ingredients which have individually shown to increase sexual performance. The ingredients for the pills are Horny Goat Weed, Eurycoma Longifolia Extract, Fructus Tribulus Terrestris, Lycium Fruit Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Deer Antler, Dong Quai, Maca Root Extract. It is recommended to take Red Sex Monster roughly 45 minutes before sexual activity.


This review will take an in depth look at these key components and examine whether this is the product you've been looking for to boost your sex life.  


Active Ingredients in Red Sex Monster 


Horny Goat Weed – Aside from its rather comical name, Horny Goat Weed, otherwise known as  Epidemium, has been used throughout time as an aphrodisiac to increase libido in men and women. It has been used for well over 2000 years as a sexual stimulant . One of the flavonoids contained within it, icariin has shown on many occasions to have libido boosting effects.   I have actually tried straight up horny goat weed from a company called Enerzin, check out my review here.


Eurycoma Longifolia Extract – Numerous studies have highlighted this herb's effect on sexual behaviour and performance. Although many of the studies have been conducted on animals, there is enough research on humans to support it's effectiveness. It is thought that the extract's primary mechanism is through increasing testosterone levels. All this research however is undermined by the fact that oral administration has proven to be quite ineffective.  


Fructus Tribulus Terrestris – this herb has been used in medicine throughout China and as well features in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine too. Tribulus terristis significantly increases the presence of sex hormones due to a protodioscin compound found in it, and is often considered useful for cases of mild erectile dysfunction.  


Lycium Fruit Extract – Lycium is a tonic herb that is widely believed to increase libido and sexual appetite. Also known as Goji Berry extract or Lycium barbarum, this herb will regulate secretion of sex hormones as well as increase their levels. Today it is used in China as a treatment for male infertility. 


Cordyceps Sinesis Extract – Studies have shown that this extract from medicinal mushrooms improved muscle metabolism regulators, increased bloody-supply to the muscles themselves and caused increased efficiency in the re movement of lactic acid from muscles. We all know the specific muscle that you're trying to stimulate and there's no reason to see why it wouldn't work for it too. It also contains nitric oxide which could indeed be it's primary mechanism as it expands blood vessels improving bloody supply to the penis as well as overall stamina.  


Deer Antler – Deer Antler has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries through South and East Asia. Research has highlighted Deer Antler's ability to regulate the activity of your sex organs by maintaining  androgenic effects. It has also proven useful in treating erectile dysfunction by increasing sperm count and testosterone levels.  There are actually quite a bit of supplements that contain deer antler velvet in addition to Red Sex Monster, including New Vigor and Prolongz.


Dong Quai - Dong quai root has been shown to affect estrogen and other hormones in animals. It is not known if these same effects happen in humans. It is often referred to as the female ginseng.   


Maca Root Extract – Various small studies have laid testament to Maca root extract's ability to increase libido and improve semen quality. It has also shown to aid in sexual dysfunction. Maca root, also known as Lepidium meyenii has also demonstrated its ability in improving sperm production, mobility and semen volume.  



  • Most of Red Sex Monster's ingredients have proven to be effective in studies as well as throughout history and across many different cultures
  • Favourable reviews
  • Little reason to doubt potential benefits


  • Why this herbal supplement does not contain Ginseng is beyond understanding.
  • Dong Quai is estrogenic and mainly used for women – its inclusion makes little sense.

Overall Recommendation 


Red Sex Monster looks like a fine supplement to boost your sexual appetite, keep you going for longer and increase your libido and is a a good alternative to similar non-herbal medication like Viagra. All of its ingredients are verified in some form except for Dong Quai which as already stated, is quite an odd inclusion. This could however be understood in counterbalancing the slight overkill of all the other active ingredients combined.  


There are plenty of favourable reviews for Red Sex Monster and there's little reason to not give it a try. At $100 for a pack of thirty you'll be paying around $3 a pop meaning these pills are quite expensive. It's really your decision - if you like the idea of going the natural route Red Sex Monster really does 'pack a punch' and is highly recommended. 


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