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Rhino 5 Review


Dave's Rating: 1.5 stars


Rhino 5 is a male enhancement supplement that someone asked me to review a couple weeks back.  I'm not even sure how this guy came across it.  There's no product website and not a lot of information or buzz about it at all.  But this is what we do, so we're happy to oblige. 


Rhino 5 is a fast acting herbal male enhancement.  That means that, like Viagra, you only take Rhino 5 when you're planning a sexual encounter.  If you take it an hour or so before the act, you'll be ready and raring to go.  Or so goes the claim.  


How Rhino 5 Works 


More specifically, the claims made by Rhino 5 are that you'll be rewarded with: 


·         A bigger, harder erection. 

·         More stamina to last far longer than without it. 

·         Control over your climax, so no more premature ejaculation. 

·         Extreme confidence. 

·         Explosively intense orgasms. 


And all of this without the need to see a doctor or fill a prescription.   


Rhino 5 Ingredients 


rhino 5 reviewsFortunately, even though there's no product website, an ingredients list is made available on the retail websites that carry Rhino 5.  On the list is: 


Goji Berry Extract 

Deng Sen Extract 

Cinnamon Bark 




Kang Gui 



Cordyceps Sinensis 

Panax Ginseng 

Pueraria Lobata 

Superoxide Dismutase 


What's most significant about this list is what's not there.  There's nothing significantly effective for increased blood flow, boosted testosterone levels, or a boost in libido.  These are only supporting ingredients, with none of the main players we've come to expect. 


Benefits of Rhino 5 


·         There's no commitment necessary.  You just take when needed or desired. 


Drawbacks of Rhino 5 


·         It's expensive. 

·         It doesn't contain any powerful male enhancement ingredients. 

·         There's no information available about the manufacturer. 

·         There's no product website which usually (and in this case) means that there's a lack of real information available. 

·         We found no Rhino 5 reviews written by customers who've use it. 


Where to Buy 


There are a few online retail sites that carry Rhino 5.  One sells 1 capsule for $10.  Another sells a single capsule for $8.50.  Since you're not dealing with the manufacturer, you'll need to discuss any satisfaction guarantee policies with the vendor. 




We simply don't have enough information or feedback about Rhino 5 to recommend that you use it.  On top of that, the ingredient list looks pretty dismal.  We suggest you try something with a little more proven track record. 


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