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Rock Hard Weekend Review - (Updated 4/13/2012)

After browsing Amazons marketplace for an effective male enhancement supplement, we came across a product called Rock Hard Weekend. This pill promises an increase in sexual activity and stamina for up to 36 hours, using a proprietary blend of ingredients. We decided to order a sample package of this supplement and report our results to our users, in an effort to help better understand it's effectiveness.

This review is of the new and approved formula, not to be confused the version that was banned by the FDA in Nov. 2009 because it contained sulfoaildenafil.


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What Is Rock Hard Weekend?

Developed and distributed by "Rock Hard" laboratories located in Atlanta GA, this product contains 750 mg of all natural ingredients that are supposed to act as an all natural aphrodisiac. With little more than a pop of the capsule, you can be experiencing stronger erections in as little as 30 minutes after ingestion.

The ingredients listed on the package include: horny goat weed (Epimedium), Ruteacarpine, Maca Root, Long Jack Root, Huanarpo macho, chuchuhuasi, Catuaba bark extract, Niacin, and Theobromine. Half of these ingredients we have never even heard of, so we took our search to the internet to see if we can learn more about them. Horny goat weed is found in alot of male enhancement products, such as rezzrx.

Chuchuhuasi, which is a tree bark native to western Amazonia, is interesting because it does not appear to have any aphrodisiac qualities. This bark is usually chewed, and has been known to help treat upset stomach, diarrhea, arthritis, and a number of other conditions. This particular ingredient may just be a filler.

User Reviews and Testimonials

There have been several users that have written to us proclaiming the positive results they have received from Rock Hard Weekend. Check them out below:

"I tried rock hard weekend last week and let me tell you it will blow you away! I went out with my friends to a club and I was literally walking around with a hardon the whole night. Luckily, I found a lady for the night and we were seriously up until the butt crack of dawn doing it. You should recommend this on your website."
Todd, email review we received

"I couldn't believe how long this stuff actually lasted, it was crazy. One pill was more than enough, and i felt the effects after a couple of hours. The best part about it was there were no side effects, like when i took vim 25. Alot of these supplements gave me headaches, stomach pain, etc. but this one did not. Looks like I know what I will be taking every weekend."
George, CA

"Hi guys! I took some rockhardweekend & it didnt work at all for an erection BUT I FELT VERY HAPPY & was in a great mood better than i have felt in years. What ingredient in that pill is giving me that effect.???"
Emanuel, Email review we have received

Response to this review:  Yeah Rock Hard Weekend does contain some mild aphrodisiacs and stimulants, I'm not sure which one gave you the euphoria. It was probably just the right combination of the ingredients that made you feel that way, no specific ingredient I can see in it can cause Euphoria.
Dave Walker

"not worth it.. i bout a 3pk for $20 dls i felt like i true my money away.. i'm still looking for something with positive results dont spend your $ on this.."
espin0za2011, Youtube Review we received

Where To Buy

We purchased a sample pack of rock hard weekend on, where it cost around $6, but you can actually find a sample for only $0.01 on their official website. You of course have to pay for shipping, which works out to a total of $5. The difference in price from ordering it from its official site as opposed to an online retailer such as Amazon is around 15% less, so we recommend that you order from their site.

You also have to worry about picking up a counterfeit product, since alot of these pills are fakes. Libigrow is one of those supplements that there are tons of counterfeits of, often with unknown ingredients. We always suggest that you purchase from the official site of rock hard weekend, rather than take your chances online.

There are several local stores where you can find this supplement, including CVS on the West Coast, and many major truck stops, such as Pilot Service Centers, Circle K's, and Travel Centers of America.

The product is shipped discreetly, so the mailman or whoever delivers it does not know what is in the container.

Questions We Have Received About Rock Hard Weekend

Q. I am going to cvs today to pick up some rockhard weekend. But I was just wondering if this is the strongest pill at cvs or is there another u recommend?

A.  CVS actually sells a product called Zyrexin, which in my opinoin is stronger than Rock Hard Weeked.  However, it does contain yohimbe, so be careful and check with your doctor first!

Q. I know you probably get a ton of mail. I am sorry to bug you but I have a few things to ask about Rock Hard Weekend. First how fast does it work? I also want to know how well it works. Does it get you erect from say just a thought? How long did it stay in your system?

A.  Rock Hard Weekend is supposed to start working in about 30 minutes.  It works best when you are physically stimulated, like most of these products.  I'm not sure exactly how long it stays in your system, but I would guess that it would be completely gone after a few days.

Our Own Video Review and Results

Really Funny Commercial


It Works, plain and simple. We took this pill and it basically gave us an intense erection that literally "hung" around for about 6 hours. There were no nasty side effects like we experienced with many other pills, and it produced a nice, solid erection for us. It should be noted that the package does contain several warnings. Most notably that you need to be at least 18 to take the product, and that you should consult a physician prior to taking if you have high blood pressure or if you are taking any prescription drugs.

note: For some reason on the package it does say that it has been doctor tested and approved, but we could not find any evidence of this either on their site, or through third party sites.  We're guessing they mean the ingredients have been tested and approved, but can't be sure.

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TruthSeeker9261, Youtube user
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MrXiong8, Youtube user
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