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Stiff Days Overview  


Dave's Rating:  3.5 stars


top choicesFor $1.50 per capsule, Stiff Days promises almost instant results.  Whether you suffer with actual erectile dysfunction or you just want to impress your new girlfriend, Stiff Days claims it will help prepare you for amazing sex like never before.  After just 30 minutes, you'll: 


  • Get a stiffer, harder, thicker erection. 
  • Have a noticeably stronger libido. 
  • Stay ready for 72 hours. 
  • Have the energy and stamina to satisfy her like no other. 
  • Achieve better, more intense orgasms than ever before. 
  • Have all the self confidence that goes hand in hand with being the best she's had. 


Stiff Days Ingredients and How They Work 


There is an official Stiff Days website, and it's fairly informative but definitely short on details. For example, the ingredients are listed but they are not explained.  Included in the list are herbals like Yi Ye Cao, Huang Jing, Rou Gui, Tongkat Ali, Turnera Aphrodisiaca, While Willow Bark, Ginkgo, Alfalfa, and Dandelion Leaf, among others.  Many of these specifically support libido and sexual health.  Others simply promote good health end energy.  Also included is L-Arginine, which purportedly increases blood flow to the penis for better, harder erections.


stiff days reviewThe Dosage instructions are to take 1 or 2 capsules about half an hour before sexual engagement.  It's recommended that you take it on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating.  There are no reported side effects, but you are cautioned against taking Stiff Days if you are on heart or blood pressure medication. 


Stiff Days Pros and Cons  


Advantages of Stiff Days 


  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee. 
  • Ingredients are listed on the website. 
  • You can take it with alcohol. 
  • Stiff Days reviews on the internet tend to be pretty positive. 


Disadvantages of Stiff Days 


  • Many of the ingredients are likely to be unfamiliar, and they are not explained.
  •  There is no information about the manufacturer provided. 
  •  You should not take Stiff Days if you are on blood pressure medication. 


Where to Buy 


Stiff Days is available online through the official website.  The smallest size bottle contains 6 capsules and costs $17.95.  That's about $3 per pill.  You can save on the per pill price if you buy larger quantities.  The 50 pill bottle costs $74.95, which is $1.50 per pill.  The cost is covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 




Stiff Days doesn't really stand out as necessarily one of the top performers when it comes to male enhancement supplements.  The formula is nothing special, and the claims it makes are the same as all the rest.  The one thing going for Stiff Days is the money back guarantee.  It allows you to go ahead and give it a try, risk free.  If it works, then great.  If not, you can send it back and move on to something else.   


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