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When it comes to choosing the most suitable, safe and recommended male enhancement pill, choices could be numerous and an enthusiast user is often faced with a dilemma and confusion about what to select and what not and why.  Fortunately, there are experts in the male reproductive and health care field that have tried their best to solve this dilemma and have defined various criteria for choosing the same. The following article is intended to discuss and highlight some of the top most male enhancement pills that have been successfully and safely used by thousands of users worldwide. Read on toe discover more: 

Criteria for choosing the top 5 male enhancement pills (Rationale) 

While there could be many characteristics, strengths, pros, benefits and features that can help establish a specific male enhancement pill among the top most ones, we have carefully taken into consideration the following criteria to rank the top most enhancement pills for men: 

Efficacy: Efficacy simply means the effectiveness of efficiency of a particular pill. Does it live up to the expectations? How soon the significant results could become visible? 

Safety: How safe is the pill. Have any side effects been reported? Are there any associated risks? Did users report any complications or adverse events during or after the use of such pills? 

Credibility: Does it come from an established and genuine platform that practices Good Manufacturing Practices? Does it have an official website that offers consistent customer support? Is the ordering and shipping process discrete and secure? 

Affordability: Is the product economical and cost-effective for a user belonging to any socioeconomic class? Does it offer any special discounts or bonuses? Does it come with Moneyback guarantee? If yes, then how long is that? 

User reviews / Testimonials: Is the product doctor-endorsed? Can we find any independent user reviews and testimonials about this particular enhancement pill? If yes, then are the most reviews positive and encouraging? 

And finally, our top 5 pills 

Considering the above-mentioned criteria and questions, we did extensive research and came up with the following top 5 male enhancement pills: 

top 5 male enhancement pillsRanked #1: Vigrx Plus

Best Price: Save $434 on A Diamond Package

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Speaking of effectiveness, affordability and safety, VigRX Plus truly stands apart among the rest. We confidently gave it the first position because of the “multiplicity of its actions” i.e. it is indicated and can be used in a variety of sexual health related issues in men i.e. ranging from short orgasms, erectile dysfunction, low sperm and semen count to low libido and premature ejaculation, you name it and it has everything for everyone.

Backed with genuine hand-written users’ testimonials, it is an all-natural / herbal enhancement product that comes at a convenient dosage, free shipping and at a very affordable cost of about $41 per bottle.  

prosolution pillsRanked #2: ProSolution Pills

Best Price: $268.95 for a 6 mth. supply

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A positive and perfect solution for almost all sexual health related disorders or problems in males, Pro Solution pills have been ranked among the top most pills because of their unique “exercise enlargement program for penis”.

This program, along with the usage of pills, ensures that penis is actually enlarged “permanently” and not just temporarily during the intercourse. A medical herbalist-endorsed product, Pro Solution is all natural and comes with a long 6-month Moneyback guarantee.  

vimax pillsRanked #3: Vimax Pills

Best Price: Save $339.45 on A 1 Yr. Supply

vimax pills

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Manufactured, launched and marketed from a well known company “Pills Expert” that has been in the male enhancement industry for ten years.

An all-herbal pill, Vimax has been effectively, successfully and safely used by thousands of users as an erection and libido booster.  It comes with a 2-month Moneyback guarantee and only requires a convenient once-a-day dosage.

Furthermore, user reviews show that people can actually start experiencing the results within a week. One could save up to $124 by simply buying a 6-month supply in advance. It also comes with free shipping and safe and secure purchase option.  

vydoxRanked #4: Vydox

Best Price: Save $90 on a 6 Mnth supply

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A 5-star rated pill, Vydox is manufactured and marketed by the well known “Prime Nutraceutical” company. Endorsed and backed by PGA tour champion Brian Gay, Vydox is n organic, completely natural enhancement pill that works as a potent nitric oxide releaser to cause, maintain and strengthen penile erections that are not only harder and firmer but last longer too.

All of its ingredients have been clinically tested for safety and efficacy and it comes with a 68-day Moneyback guarantee, at a relatively higher price though.  

male extraRanked #5: Male Extra

Best Price: Save $299.61 on A 4 Mth. supply

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Finally, male extra is considered among the most well known and time-tested male enhancement pills because of the vast number of positive user reviews, doctors’ endorsements and recommendations about its safety and rapid results.

Again, an all-natural product, Male Extra is reportedly one of the cheapest enhancement products in the market that also comes with a 6-month Moneyback guarantee.  It comes from a UK-based platform that is already well known for a variety of its other similar products.

And thats it for our top 5 male enhancement pills.  We chose these for a variety of reasons, mainly because we have tried so many of these products and know a thing or two about them.  Stay tuned for our next article about the top 5 products you can use for all natural enhancement. 

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