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vikononVikonon Tablets 

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Vikonon tablets are male enhancement pills that are manufactured by Alinter group, a UK-based company that has been in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 60 years.  All of the products of Alinter group are licensed by varying health authorities / health ministries across the Globe, including the MHRA - the United Kingdom Medicines Authority. Manufactured in government-approved facilities under the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), Vikonon tablets are currently being marketed by Savoy laboratories, a subsidiary of Alinter group.  

What are Vikonon Tablets?          

Vikonon is a brand name given to a dietary supplement that comes in an oral tablet form and is specifically used to treat erectile dysfunction of almost all kinds.  

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product 

A detailed search on internet revealed that currently there are not any user reviews or testimonials that actually support the benefits or successful use of Vikonon tablets in men. In addition, the product is not scientifically backed and is not endorsed by sexologists or doctors.  

Composition / ingredients of Vikonon Tablets 

Each Vikonon tablet contains the following ingredients: 

·         Calcium glycerophosphate BP 130mg 

·         Calciferol BP (Vitamin D) 240iu 

·         Thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamin B1) BP 3mg 

·         Tocopheryl hydrogen succinate BP (Vitamin E) 10mg 

·         Caffeine 65mg 

·         Yohimbine hydrochloride 5mg 

·         Cyanocobalamin 20mcg 

How do Vikonon Tablets work (Mode of action)? 

It seems that the only ingredient of “sexual nature” present in Vikonon Tablets is Yohimbine which can be used in men suffering from erectile dysfunction / impotency to obtain stronger and longer erections in men whose ED is organic in nature, achieve better erections, because it may increase blood flow and cGMP levels in the penile tissues.

Vikonon Tablets are for you if: 

·         You are looking for a supplement or pill that will specifically treat erectile dysfunction of all kinds.  See the most common causes of erectile dysfunction here.

·         You would like to us e a pill that is a blend of both herbal and synthetic (pharmaceutical) grade ingredients.  See what the difference between all natural products, and prescription strength medications are here.

Vikonon Tablets are not for you if: 

·         You are looking for an “all-natural” or herbal male enhancement pill 

·         You would like to use this product for prolong periods of time 

·         You also need a supplement that would help treat other sexual issues in men including small penile size, premature ejaculation etc.,.  

Pros of Vikonon Tablets 

·         Reportedly addresses and treats erectile dysfunction of both kinds i.e. psychogenic as well as pathological (organic) 

·         Full amount of each ingredient has been mentioned on the product labelling 

·         Once-daily convenient dosage  

·         Product may also be purchased from some small third party auction sites 

·         Product comes in a variety of packaging i.e. foil strip pack of 60's,
blister pack of 30's and foil strip pack of 12's  

·         The price of Vikonon tablets is not mentioned on the official page  

Cons of Vikonon Tablets 

·         Product contains caffeine 

·         A patient / user should never exceed the recommended dosage because of the risk of serious side effects  

·         It is not clear from the product’s official page if the product is available for sale or shipment in United States.  Learn why you shouldn't trust male enhancement products outside of the US.

Our recommendation 

All in all, Vikonon tablets can be used to temporarily treat male impotency of erectile dysfunction. However, it is not clear if the product is available for legal sale and use in North America. Also, it must be remembered that this product is not all-natural and also contains caffeine which has its own side effects and safety risks. Therefore, you should think twice if you want to use this product for other purposes (other than ED) or if you consider this product as completely safe.  

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