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Virmax DS

virmax ds reviewsAccording to their website, virmax has been clinically tested to improve sexual stamina, pleasure, sensations, and urges in both men and women. We came across this enhancement pill while reviewing some of the products GNC sells over the counter, and decided to conduct a third party review to see if it really works. This product is an all natural supplement that is ingested orally and taken shortly before sexual intimacy. Lets take a look and see what makes Virmac potent, and investigate the ingredients and claims made by this company.

What Exactly is Virmax DS?

This pill is said to increase the levels of Nitric Oxide, which is a naturally occuring substance produced by the body which helps libido and blood flow. Over time, the levels of Nitric Oxide tend to decrease, due to a wide variety of factors, including age and stress.

Upon taking this drug, virmax is purported to give you a healthy, all natural sexual boost, making you more able to perform sexually and increase your drive. It does this through a combination of ingredients, including Zizyphi Fructus, which is the leading ingredient that is used to promote NO production. It also has niacin, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, as well as cynidium, which are taken to produce the natural stimulating effects.

Reviews of Virmax

There have generally been very good reviews regarding virmax, and most customer results reported an increase in the firmness of their erections, as well as heightens their stimulation and improves their performance. From what we could gather, it seems that Virmax DS starts to work most effectively after about 3 days of usage, and not the originally intended 45 minutes.

"Im 50 years old, and I have been looking for something that could help me increase my firmness and make me recover quicker. After using Virmax for just a few days, I noticed a very distinct improvement, and my wife and I have been having the best sex since we were first married. I would definetly recommend virmax ds to anyone."
Richard, anonymous

Pricing and Availability

This supplement is available for sale on a number of online retailers websites, including,, and google products.  It currently retails at anywhere between $16 - $19 for a one month supply, which includes 60 capsules. 

It appears through the product website that they are marketing and manufacturing a new brand of their drug called Virmax stop, which we should be posting regular updates as we receive information.

Not-So-Informative Video Review


Virmax is a great all natural alternative to some of the mosre expensive, invasive type of drugs our there. With no reported side effects, and overal good reviews posted by the majority of their users, we can honestly report that this supplement may be worth trying. Also, the price can't be beat, at an average national retail cost of $12.99.

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