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Why Do You Have A Small Penis - And What You Can Do About It


small penisWe recently ran a poll on our site asking men exactly what their biggest problem was, and the overwhelming majority (some 65%) responded that they were not happy with their penis size. Your penis is a symbol of your manhood, and I can totally see why this is a guys biggest concern. It is one of the only body parts that is so crucial to our sexual survival, but at the same time there is little we can do to solve the problem. Until now that is! We decided to write this article to help you understand WHY you are so small, and what you can do about it.  


Reason # 1 - Genetics  


The number 1 reason why certain guys have a small penis is genetics.  That's right, you were born with it!  Some guys are blessed with a high metabolism, naturally big member, no balding at all, etc.  It's just a fact of life that we all have to live with, and boy, don't we hate those guys!  :)


Up until recently, there was not much you could do about it, but there have been a number of therapies and gadgets that have been introduced to the market to help alleviate (and in some cases, eliminate) the problem.  More on that later.


Reason # 2 - Race 


I know you think that every black guy has the largest wang you can possibly imagine, but this isn't always the case.  The simple fact is that race does play a role in how big you will probably get, but not by much.  Check out some of these averages we learned about after some research: 


penis size by race comparison


It is clear from the chart above that Asians have it worst, and black guys have it best.  But, you can see that nearly every race has distinct differences when it comes to size.  While the great deal of black guys have an overall better chance, the vast majority are stuck right in the middle with everyone else. 


Reason # 3 - Poor Diet, Low Testosterone 


It has been recently discovered that low testosterone and poor diet can have an effect on penis size, if only by so much.  While it appears that this more or less affects how well you can perform during sex, the simple fact that you can’t get it up during an erection can be attributed to this.  It seems that smoking can also be attributed to having problems getting it up, but to a lesser extent as well.   


Men with lower testosterone levels were said to have less sex, and were less able to penetrate their partner, according to a study conducted by Vigrx Plus.   


How To Fix Your Small Penis 


While there a very small few that fall way below the average, it is possible for you to fix your size once and for all.  We have been experimenting with various types of therapy over the past year, and have found several products that can not only help you gain substantial size and girth, but can also make you an animal in the bedroom.   


Traction Devices / Extenders


One of the most effective gadgets is a product called Size Genetics.  This device is called an extender, and has recently gained some important credibility from the medical community.  In fact, it is one of the only products that has been clinically tested and proven to work in a double blind test.  We have actually used the size genetics device personally, and can attest to its effectiveness. 


Man Enlargement Pills


If the thought of slapping on a device to your penis makes you cringe, you may want to check out our top choice for male enhancement pills, Vigrx Plus.  Vigrx Plus is a once-daily pill that can be taken to help increase girth and sexual stamina greatly.  This is actually another product that has been proven in clinical studies, as well as personally tested by us.  When stacked up against the competition, there is no pill that can compare.   




Remember, just because you have a small penis doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it!  Sure, there are plenty of scam products on the market that will promise ridiculous results and not deliver, but there are some products that DO WORK!  We hope that you get a chance to check out some of our recommendations, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. 


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