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Zyrexin Overview
top choicesZyrexin is an all natural male enhancement pill that can be found in local stores such as Walmart, CVS, GNC, and many others. It is labeled as the "Worlds Strongest Sexual Enhancer", and has been on the market for a few years now. But do the claims by Zyrexin really produce any tangible results? We decided to research as much information as we could and present the facts to you in an easy to read format, so you can make informed purchasing decisions.


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What Exactly is Zyrexin?

Zyrexin is an over the counter male enhancement pill that is a natural alternative to prescription drugs like the big V and others. It is intended to start working within 1 hour, and gives an all natural boost in sexual stamina, vigor, and size. Zyrexin contains all natural ingredients which help to create this temporary boost in size and girth. It usually stops working after a few hours, however, it is marketed to work up to 24 hours.  This places it into one of the longer lasting supplements category.

What are the ingredients in Zyrexin?

zyrexin real reviewZyrexin is made up of a number of ingredients, including butea superba, which is a patented ingredient (this was confirmed with US Patent Office). It also contains Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa and cnidium monnier, common ingredients found in many male enhancement pills. There are no known side effects associated with any of these extracts.  Other ingredients include l-arginine, yohimbe extract, epimedium (or horny goat weed), and velvet bean extract. 

Yohimbe is somewhat controversial because of its potential side effects, which have been linked to men suffering from heart attacks.  It can also be found in a number of other products, including stamina rx.

This product also contains a number of other filler ingredients which are found in minute quantities, and are therefore left out of this review.

It's not recommended that you take Zyrexin with alcohol, as the depressing effects of alcohol will lower the pills effectiveness. 

Reviews of Zyrexin

"I picked up a bottle of zyrexin at my local CVS a couple of weeks ago. Compared to the 5 or so Male Enhancement Pills that I have tried, including activator rx, I would give Zyrexin about a 8 out of 10 for a few reasons. Namely, while it says it will make you a beast in bed for a prolonged period of time, I noticed that it only worked for about an hour or two before the effects wore off. However, when I was sexually stimulated, I did feel a succinct different in my energy and stamina. I would recommend Zyrexin to any guy looking for a quick boost in sexual confidence."
Josh, Texas

"As this belongs in one of  the FAST acting pills category/family, which I'm not a huge,huge fan of, I kind of prefer the slow acting daily use pills like vigrx, prosolution etc etc.  Anyway I have tried ZYREXIN pills on more than a dozen occassions and found that since I have ED , I needed TWO pills to get just a semi hard erection, but!  The DAMN side effects are horrible!

"ZYREXIN is even WORSE than viagra, with symptoms of face redness, headflushing and massive massive headaches that last for hours.  What I found with ZYREXIN- is it mirrors viagra side effects to a tee except times 3, for some reason."
Joel, email we received

"I have tried this product quite a bit. It works fairly well. It takes a little longer then stated to kick in. Now the problem I have is now that that problems fixed my penis is very sensitive and can't really last worth a damn."
NewWarOrder, Comment On Youtube

"Look this product works- Dont knock it till you've tried it..I take TWO of these and I feel it works BETTER than viagra - without the nasty side effects of viagra or cialis..The drawback it it is a bit pricey at a dollar per pill...And yes it it is NOT for the weak of heart because it does elevate your blood pressure a bit but HOW else are you supposed to get blood down to the penis?..Mabe it is the yohimbe (most likely) but I still feel this stuff is safer than taking viagra every day.. try it."
Joelb099, Youtube Review we received


Where To Buy and Prices

As we noted earlier in our review, Zyrexin is available over the counter in a number of drug stores, including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and even your local GNC. When compared to some other products in the same category, it is actually very cheap, and you can buy a one months supply for only $33 in GNC. 

The cheapest price we found online was on ebay for a low price of only $15, and the cheapest price in stores was $17.99 at CVS. This is not a product that you would take on a daily basis, just as needed and we suggest that you do not take more than one pill in any 24 hour period. Several men have suggested side effects including headaches and abdominal pain while ingesting more than 1 pill.

See how zyrexin compares to other male enhancement supplements we've tested:

Zyrexin Vs. Extenze

Our Results From Taking Zyrexin

I decided to order my own bottle of Zyrexin direct from the manufacturer, to make sure I was getting the right formula. This is actually kind of important because there are alot of companies on amazon and ebay that sell counterfeit products, which may contain ingredients you didn't expect.  This was the case when I ordered libigrow, which apparently has a number of unauthorized retailers selling their product.

Anyway, I took 2 tablets as the label suggested, and within about a half hour, I felt a nice little erection off of it.  It was not the best male enhancement pill that I tried, but it did help with erection quality and stamina.  All in all, I would recommend it, but only if you are healthy enough to take yohimbe.  If you are unsure, I suggest you speak with your doctor first.


There are a number of warnings on the label of Zyrexin, which explicitly state that you should avoid taking this product if you are being treated for high blood pressure, kidney, thyroid, heart or liver disease.  The manufacturer also recommends that you do not take this product for any length of time, as it is only intended to give you temporary results.  They also explicitly state that you should consult a physician prior to use, and not use their product if you have a medical condition. 

Our Recommendation

If your looking to try Zyrexin, you can find it cheaply in many over the counter drug stores. The price is relatively low, and may be worth a try if you are looking for a temporary boost in your sex life.  Most of the user results we came across were fair, however some of the marketing behind the product suggests that men think its supposed to make them grow.  Overall good product from a solid company, I give it two thumbs up!

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vigrx plusOver the past 5 years, I have used hundreds of male enhancement supplements.  While most don't work, some have great potential, and really set themselves apart from the rest.

Vigrx Plus was one of those....I personally got a chance to use Vigrx Plus, and the results were truly amazing.

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