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zenerx reviewsIn an age where 40% of men in the United States are unhappy with there sexual performance, there is no shortage of male enhancement pills on the market. One such pill is called Zenerx, which has been sold online and in stores for over 8 years now. But does it really work? We take an inside look into this male enhancer, and review the ingredients, studied customer reviews and testimonials, and learned more about this product in an effort to uncover the truth.

What Exactly is Zenerx Purportedly Do?

According to various sources, this supplement is thought to increase sexual energy, as well as create larger, more firm erections. It does this by increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, which in turn are supposed to enhance the production of testosterone. What this means essentially is that with increased testosterone levels, comes enhanced blood flow to the penis when it becomes erect.

Since testosterone levels are directly proportionate to a mans libido, men have been taking prescription type medications (Viagra) to increase their testosterone. The problem is, their are many acute side effects with medications such as these, including diarrhea, upset stomach, headache, and in some cases, increased blood pressure.

What Makes Zenerx Different From Other Male Enhancer's?

Since it is an all natural product, the risk for side effects is greatly reduced. In addition, Zenerx has anti-oxidant properties associated with it, which help to boost your bodies production of sperm. It also contains Ashwagandha Extract, or "Indian Ginseng", which is a carries a powerful immunostimulant effect.

It is also different from most other prescription medications because it has a cumulative effect on penile enlargement, a benefit you don't receive with Cialis or Viagra.

Benefits of Taking Zenerx

If taken for a prolonged period of time, Zenerx has several useful benefits including:

  • Firmer Erections
  • Increased Sexual Activity and Thoughts
  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Enhanced Stamina During Sex

But, their are also many other "intangible benefits" from taking Zenerx, like the confidence you will have with your partner, knowing you will be able to perform. You will also get the satisfaction of being able to satisfy your partners needs when YOU WANT TO. No more waiting for a "drug" to kick in, as Zenerx takes as little as 45 minutes to start working.

Reviews and Testimonials of Zenerx

There have been numerous reviews and testimonials of Zenerx posted on many major men's sexual health forums. Not surprisingly, as with most supplements, there have been both positive and negative experiences with the product that men talk about.

Negative Reviews

"Not sure about this item. I think I needed more time to be sure it was working as advertised. It might be cheaper to buy the individual ingredients and get more for the buck."

Positive Reviews

"I have been using Zenerx for about 6 months now, since the beginning of the year...I was looking for a male supplements, I went online and googled supplements, I actually googled independent reviews, and Xenerx came up as the #1 male supplement on the i wanted to try it."
Brian, Louisiana

"They way I feel about my partner taking Zenerx is absolutely first i didn't know he was taking it, and I noticed a big difference in the bedroom....I asked him what he was doing different, and he told me he was taking Zenerx, and I really wish he would have taken it a long time ago because everything has been wonderful."
Janice, her husband takes Zenerx

"Before Zenerx, it was good, but I feel like after Zenerx its been alot better, because he's more confident, and he has longer lasting power, and he seems to be wanting it more."
Cathy, about her husband taking Zenerx

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We believe that this is one of the best all natural male enhancement pills on the market for a variety of reasons. Based on user reviews and results, we have come to the conclusion that with regular use of this supplement, you can expect to see results in as little as 3 weeks. We recommend that for the best results, you should try a 5 month order of Zenerx to get the maximum benefits.

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