Is Sex No Fun Anymore?

Many guys come to a point in their lives where sex is no fun anymore, and the enjoyment they once got out of it turns to dust.  It can happen because of a wide variety of reasons, but undoubtedly affects most American at some point in their lives.  So what causes this lack of sexual desire, and what can you do about it?  Researchers have pinpointed a few reasons why men lose their sex drive, and its alot easier to fix than you think.

Lose The Gut

It’s no doubt that as we get older, most of us exercise less, eat more, and generally sit on our asses.  While most of the guys I know are active in a number of sports, there is nothing stopping them from hitting up their favorite burger joint on the way home and downing a few beers.  There is nothing wrong with it at all, its that all American guy thing to do after a sport, but think of the unintended consequences.

But scientists have noticed a growing problem that has linked over weight adults with lack of sex.  Simply put, the heavier we are the less we want sex.  Simple changes in diet, like choosing a chicken sandwich at that grill over a burger, can lead to great results over a period of a few months.  You can also make the switch to lite beer, or even a cocktail with far less carbs and sugar, like a vodka and club soda.

Get To Bed

Research has also indicated that sleep deprived patients experience far less urge to have sex than well rested ones.  This is usually attributed to stress from work, from the kids, loss of a loved one, or recent problems.  A lack of sleep not only affects your mood, but has the ability to control various chemicals like dopamine, which release pleasure producing toxins in the brain to stimulate pleasure.

With low levels of sleep, we are depriving ourselves of the necessary levels of dopamine, and in return, ruining our sex drive.  The simple way to remedy the situation is to exercise at least 3 times a week, and refrain from alcohol at least 3 hours before bed.  Even a short 15 minute walk can make a big difference over a period of a few weeks, and helps with digestion.

Lay Off The Porn

This one might not be obvious to you guys, but watching porn has its ups and its downs.  While we may be stimulated to the point of erection from watching it, when it comes time for the real thing, that visual stimulation is gone.  Since we don’t have the images of “whatever floats your boat” on a computer screen in front of us, sex can feel a little boring, and we don’t get turned on as much.  Next time, hold off for as long as you can, then wait for your girlfriend or wife to get home.  You’ll be glad you did.

Cut Down on The Smokes and Booze

One of the biggest problems behind a reduced sex drive are smoking and drinking.  We have an entire article written about the subject, but figured we’ll just touch on the subject here.  Drinking obviously dulls the senses, and when combined with smoking, decreases the amount of blood that can flow to the penis during erection.  It’s the most preventable form of erectile dysfunction, and probably the fastest.

Try Herbal Remedies

If your just too lazy to do any of this, but still want the increased sexual desire and blood flow, their are a number of supplements you can try to make a difference.  We have tried and tested over 50 different types of male enhancement pills, and have narrowed down our choices to a select few which help us to achieve all natural erections and make sex fun again.  Take a look at our top choices here.

Fixing your sex life is alot like fixing a car.  If you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a disaster.  We also recommend that you take our advice and visit your doctor if you’ve been experiencing sexual problems.  But try out these tips first, and see if you can make sex fun again.



Is a 5 Inch Penis Normal? Age, Genetics, and Race

is a 5 inch penis normalIt seems like everyday we get a new email from someone asking if they normal in size compared to most guys out there.  While there has been some related literature published on the issue, the simple fact is there is no way to tell what is normal and what is abnormal.  Many guys think that they are below average, when indeed they are just as big as most guys.  So is a 5 inch penis really normal?  Well, let’s take a look at a few metrics that determine penis size.

Age Plays a Role

While it is obvious when you are younger (13-16) year old range, you are still in your pubescent stages, so your true length has not been realized yet.  Most guys don’t finish growing until they reach their mid 20′s, and penis size can continue growing up until your late 20′s.  Here are the average erect penis sizes we found for the following age groups, broken down by gender:

Ages 13 – 20: 5.1 inches

Ages 21 – 29: 5.5 inches

Ages 30+: 5.7 inches

This data was based on a quick poll of 182 men that participated in our weekly poll.  The average age of participants was 26, and over half of those men said they felt inadequate with their penis size.

It’s in the Genes Baby!

Most guys don’t realize it, but you can thank your dad for your penis size.  It is genetically determined before you are even hatched that your penis size will be, no matter what you think.

However, that does not mean that if your dad has a big one, that you are destined for a big one as well.  The simple reasons behind this is that your genetic makeup is determined not only by your father, but also by your mothers DNA profile as well.  In addition, your dad’s sperm is basically the genetic equivalent of each other, so they are all technically brothers, but none of them are identical.  And yes, there is no way to tell at birth how big your penis size is going to be when you get older.

What About Race?

This is always a big one, and we get questions like this all the time.  Are black guys bigger than white guys, who are bigger that Asian men, who are bigger then…and the story goes on.  The truth is, there is very little variation in how big guys are based on their race, although there is a slight tip towards african males.  (Although this particular post may swing your opinion.)

The primary reason behind African males having a statistically larger penis, if only by a fraction of an inch, is because of the practice of enlargement exercises.  If they plan on being the dominant male in their clan one day, males in African tribes have been known to practice penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing, and also use weights to help stretch the penis.  This has been done to not only grow the penis, but also other soft tissue body parts, such as ears, nose, and lips.

So Is A 5 Inch Penis Really Normal

I think a lot of literature out there suggests that penis size is not as important as how you work it, but we believe that is far from the truth.  Most women, when polled, said that they indeed do prefer a guy that was 6.5 inches long, rather than a measly 5 inches.  But, you do have to realize that a 5 inch penis is perfectly normal for a teenager, or even a male in their early to mid 20′s.  You have a long way to go before you reach your full potential, so just wait and see what happens.

What Can You Do About A Small Penis

As suggested above, there are certain methods that you can use to help grow yourself to levels that you feel necessary.  While it is impossible for you to grow 4 inches in a month, it is possible to make small, size able gains over time with a little bit of work.

You can start by signing up for our completely free penis enlargement exercise guide here. It’s packed with ton’s of information on effective exercise techniques that allow for the cells in the penis to divide and replicate themselves over a period of 6 months to a year.

While you are using these exercises, we also suggest that you order a 1-year supply of a product called Vigrx Plus, an all natural male enhancer.  It is filled with highly potent ingredients that are designed to work in conjunction with PE exercises, and can help you achieve gains faster than with standard exercise.

Can You Really Grow Your Penis 4 Inches With Vimax

We come across alot of funny, and sometimes downright deceptive, types of advertising while researching various male enhancement pills.  On an adult site today, we saw an ad for vimax, stating that you can “grow your penis 4 inches for free using Vimax pills”.  Is there any truth to these claims?  Well, as a matter of fact, we did a little bit of research into the formulation behind these pills, and wanted to provide you with our unbiased opinion here.  We researched men’s health forums, and tried to shed some light on the subject.  After all, Vimax is one of our top rated pills, so why not find out whether it works or not.

The Truth About Size Gains

Let’s think about this for second, how many different types of muscle building supplements, or bodybuilding supplements have you come across that speak of huge gains with very little work?  If these claims were only half true, no one would have to workout, and you would never need to go to the gym.

Well, just like supplements sold in the weight loss industry and many others, these claims all give you the predisposition that you will gain some extraordinary results in just a few short weeks without doing anything.  Its the American Way!  We want everything yesterday, and there are plenty of companies out there that know that.

So What About Vimax?  Does It Really Work?

Well, the simple truth is, no pill, cream, or oil is going to give you any huge gains in a short time frame.  As a matter of fact, no pill will make you grow period, without working at it.  What do we mean?  Well it’s the simple truth that if you want to make gains, you need to do exercises.  We have tried and tested several different types of penis enlargement exercises, and have found that many of them can work over a significant period of time to produce gains.

As a matter of fact, it has been proven in several research studying the effects of exercises such as jelqing and milking, over a period of 6 – 12 months, that you can actually increase the size of your penis naturally.  While 4 inches is quite the stretch, using a supplement such as Vimax or Vigrx Plus can help assist in girth production, as well as length increases.

What About Other Supplements, Do They Work?

The short answer to this is yes, and no.  Most herbal male enhancement remedies are designed to give you a temporary boost in blood flow to the penis, albeit if only for a short time.  Many of these pills, like extenze or prolatis 2.0, and all natural alternatives to prescription medications like Viagra or Cialis.

We have personally tested out over 50 different so called “male enhancers” and very few produce any permanent gains in a non-erect penis.  We have, however, spoke with many of our own clients who have reeled about the effectiveness of many such supplements.

Tony K. from Delaware, recently wrote to us speaking of his results from using a pill called Sizecore male enhancement.  “I have been using sizecore for about 3 months now about an hour before sex, and it really sets things off”.  He went on to say that after trying prescription medications, and the resulting side effects from them, he turned to alternative medicine for an answer.

“I tried Viagra once or twice, but all I really got from it was a fuller erection that felt kind of numb.  I didn’t really feel the urge to have sex, even though my wife was in the mood.  After popping a couple of these pills, everything changed.  I started to feel my sex drive go wild, and I started having sex with my wife 4 – 5 times a week.”

Using Vimax With a Traction Device

Traction devices, or extenders as they are commonly referred as, have gained some notoriety in the medical community as showing promise with penis enlargement.  As a matter of fact, webmd wrote an article talking about the possible effectiveness of the Vimax System, which incorporates an Extender device, as well as a months supply of Vimax pills, as well as a comprehensive penis enlargement guide. (see related resource: Male Enhancement: Is it worth it?)

According to testimonials on their official site, men have seen gains of up to 2 inches in as little as 6 months using this system.  It should be noted that the vimax system is very expensive, but when compared to dangerous surgical procedures, its a drop in the bucket.

See How an Extender Works Here.

Our Recommendation

We don’t believe that using Vimax pills alone will allow you to grow your penis 4 inches, or even 2 inches for that matter.  However, there is some promise with using these pills in conjunction with an exercise regiment, or a traction device.  We have tested and analyzed several of these devices for their effectiveness, and you can read about our choices for the top penis extenders here.  You can also learn more about the Vimax pills in our official product review.

What Male Enhancement Pills Porn Stars Use?

male porn starMost guys stare at their computer screens in awe, wondering how it can be possible.  How can a guy have a penis that is 9″ long, and 5.5 inches in girth? 

Porn stars have some of the biggest penises on earth, and we get alot of guys emailing us asking what male enhancement products they use.  While some are born with it, others need to use exercises, pumps, weights, and other devices to give them that extra edge on the set.  We interviewed a number of porn stars to see what male enhancement pills they use, and the answers may shock you.

Markus XXX, semi-famous from such films as “Train ride to heaven” what types of routines and supplements he takes to get a bigger penis.  “I usually use Vigrx Plus first thing in the morning, and then I will wear the proextender device for about 2 hours”, said Markus.  “When I know I have an audition for a movie coming up, I will take double the pills and add on another hour or 2 per day, for a week.”

Markus went on to explain how important it is to have a big penis, being a porn star and all.  He said it can get very competitive for movies, alot of actors and only so many movies.  “Any extra edge I can get, I take advantage of it,” he said.  “I have been using the proextender system for years and it hasn’t failed me yet,” Markus went on to say.

“A Tough Industry”

There has been alot of speculation in the past 10 years or so as to how many porn stars are actually their normal size or if they have used something to make them bigger.  Overall, from what we can tell about 30 – 40% of porn stars have used some sort of male enhancement pill or supplement in the past.  That number has been rapidly rising with the amount of porn stars vying for various jobs. 

“It’s a tough industry,” says a producer that goes by the name Rick Rubine.  “There are only so many videos we can make in a day, we have so many girls to choose from, when it comes to guys we just look for size.” 

And competition can be stiff, so to speak.  Industry statistics indicate that for every movie that is made, there are over 500 guys that audition for it, and that number is rising.

Mikey G, another male porn star, says he used to use the Vimax System to help give him bigger gains.  “Believe it or not, my penis used to be about 5.5 inches in length, and only about 3.5 in girth, I was very average.”  He later explained that he got into the porn industry after a friend introduced him to a producer and they hit it off from the get go. 

“When I originally met him, he asked me to whip my penis out.  He was not very impressed, but he liked my looks and told me to get the Vimax Extender and call him back in 6 months.  So I did it, and the rest is history.”  Mikey G has went on to make over 45 adult films, and is one of the leading actors in the industry today.

What’s the Best Pill?

Alot of guys ask us, “what is the best pill?” or what can I do to make my penis larger.  Well, there are tons of herbs and scams on the market, all designed to take your money and run.  We have reviewed over 150 different male enhancement pills, and believ that if your’e looking to gain size and stamina, Vigrx Plus if your best bet.  Take a look at our full review to learn more.

Is Male Enhancement True? An Inside Look

An Independent Investigation Into The Secret World Of Male Enhancement.  Dave Walker, April, 2011

The internet is teeming with all sorts of devices, pills, creams, and ointments that promise fuller erections, and a bigger penis size.  We read a statistic somewhere that over 40 million emails are sent PER DAY that sell drugs ranging from prescription medications, to herbal supplements.  But the question on nearly every mans mind is the same, “Do They Really Work?”  Well, the answer is yes, no, and it depends.  Read on.

Why Male Enhancement?

In over 3000 men polled by our site, almost 50% of men said they did not feel large enough, or felt that they were inadequate in the bedroom.  Compare that to the statistic that most (up to 90%) of women are indeed satisfied with their partners performance, and you find yourself in a paradox.

Ever since the middle ages, man has been obsessed with the size of his penis, and for good reason.  In ancient cultures, it is thought that the size of a mans penis literally dictated his place in society.  The larger you were, the higher up in the clan you were.  Translate that almost 2000 years later, and the deep underlying principle of penis size is still as important, in some ways.

It usually starts in high school, when you are hitting puberty, that your size starts to reach its maximum point.  Studies have indicated that the average size of an erect mans penis is around 5.5 inches, and the width is a mere 3 inches.

Pills, Creams, and Ointments Oh My!

Its silly to think that a pill on its own can really make you grow bigger, but thousands of men are sucked in everyday by the promises of gains.  There are even several websites that explicity state how much you will gain in a specified period of time, using fancy calculators and charts.  But the simple truth is none of these products have been tested in a clinical setting to back up these claims.  It’s similar to a bodybuilding supplement, where many of them claim to make you bigger, but you still have to workout to achieve results.

Ointments and Creams are another popular brand that has promised gains, but never really disclose how they do it.  From what we have found, the most effective types of creams simply desensitive the male sexual organ, as to prevent premature ejaculation.  While some do claim to help you last longer in bed, which we agree can be done, others flat out lie and say they will increase the size of your penis.

So What Gives?  Does It Work or Not?

To answer this question, you need to examine the difference between penile enlargement, and sexual enhancement.  No herbal pill, or pharmaceutical drug for that matter, will increase the size of your penis permanently.  However, they will give you a temporary boost (usually around 4 hours) in the size of your penis.  There are dozens of fake sites out there that will promise 4 inches in 4 weeks, which is ludicrous!

What Does work to increase your size are called penis extenders.  Originally designed as an alternative to surgery to treat peyronies disease(bending of the penis), there has been alot of clinical research that suggests these traction devices can actually increase the size of your penis.  In a double blind test, 7 out of 10 men that used a device such as the Proextender, improved their penis size from 3 inches to 5 inches flaccid (non-erect).

There are many men that believe this is simply not true, but the simple fact is that it has actually been proven in studies, and there is picture proof of it.  Take a look at the proextender system to see our full review of a traction device.

What About Male Enhancement Exercises?

There are several different techniques you can try on your own to help increase the size of your penis, but many of these methods are dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.  Quite simply, they involve pulling on the penis in order to help stretch the cells within which regenerate themselves over time.  One of these exercises is called jelquing, which is very popular with men on various forums.  Your best bet is to sign up for our penis enlargement exercise guide to learn more about effective methods.

The Bottom Line

Male Enhancement is possible, but you need to be aware of the cons and scams that plague the internet on a daily basis, and make an informed investment decision if you truly want to make a difference.  Read our article on dangerous male enhancement pills to learn more about the types of products you should avoid.  If you want sexual satisfaction, try out vigrx plus, a once daily herbal supplement that will not increase your size, but will give you enhanced performance during sexual intercourse.

Peyronies Disease Exercises That Work

Well, no its not that kind of exercise, but if you have been suffering from Peyronies Disease for quite sometime, there is hope.  Several exercise routines have been proven in both a clinical setting, and from random individuals just like yourself, and they show that overtime a bent penis can return to somewhat normal levels.  Throughout this article we will discuss the various exercises you can do to help straighten your penis, and make yourself more normal.  Most of these exercises can be done without doctor supervision, but it is always best to consult with a certified urologist before attempting any of them.

Stretch it Out

By far the most effective method to help a curving penis is stretching.  This simply involves pulling the tip of the penis away from the body while it is in its non-erect state.  Before attempting to stretch, it is best to do a simple five minute warmup, which consists of placing a warm wash cloth on top of the penis for about 5 minutes.  Make sure its a comfortable temperature, but not too hot that it scalds you.

After the warmup, simply take your fingers into an OK sign, and gently tug from the top of the penis and pull towards the tip, while holding the base of the penis with your other hand.  Do this SLOWLY and METHODICALLY for about 10 repetitions, and then take a 1 minute break.  Then, you can repeat the procedure with your other hand, slowly doing about 3 sets max.

Milking Techniques

You can also use this peyronies disease exercise to help stabilize the PC (“muscle” that is erect).  There are two variations of milking, wet and dry, while the former involves using a lubricant such as Vaseline or a Gel Substance such as pro solution gel.  Similar to the exercise mentioned above, make an ok sign with your one hand and get your penis into a semi-erect state.  Grasp the penis at the base and smoothly pull towards the head, but not all the way.  Repeat the procedure up to 200 times, and be sure to cool down afterwards by placing a warm towel on top of it.  You should do this at least 5 times a week for about 6 months to start seeing results.

Massaging Techniques

You can also do a simple massage technique to help the affected area.  Massaging simply involves gently rubbing the affected area where plaque is built up and smoothing out the buildup.  You should do this for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, and can even use a soft lubricant to help.

No Time For Exercises?  Try A Traction Device

A traction device is a mechanical device that practically does these exercises for you, but in a more accurate and less time-consuming way.  It is totally discreet, and allows you to do these exercises either from the comfort of your own home, or even in your office.  Many of these devices are perfect for guys with peyronies disease, and can often be complemented with these exercises.  You can also ask your doctor about them if you are unsure.  Read our reviews of the best traction devices on the market to date.

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Male Enhancement Coach Review

We have been reading alot about the Male Enhancement coach program on a number of forums lately, and wanted to share our opinion and review of this program with you.  Developed by a guy named AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, this monthly program is designed to help you get bigger and harder through a number of various penis enlargement techniques.  These techniques have supposedly been time tested, and proven to work according to the creator, and he shows you how to do them quickly and easily.  Let’s take a look at the nitty gritty details in this review.

Who is Big Al, and Why Should You Believe Him?

According to the official website, Big Al is a self described “expert” in the field of male enhancement, and has been featured on numerous major media outlets, such as,,, and PE Magazine, to name a few.  We confirmed this by running a quick search, and found that he is a regular consultant with many of these publications.

Big Al has been helping thousand of men with their sexual problems, by providing practical and professional advice in the areas of enlargement exercises.  He has also written many self help guides, as well as published 2 books.

What is the Male Enhancement Coach Program All About?

Like alot of penis enlargement exercise programs, it starts off with a brief overview of where you are at now, and what you are looking to achieve.  This is a similar model to the way pe forums such as and follow, where you basically track your results, just like a bodybuilder would.

The male enhancement coach program is made up of 30 different exercises that you can do to stretch and elongate your penis over time.  Probably the best part about the whole program is the fact that if you are having a problem with a particular exercise, they will assist you in performing it the right way.  PE can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, and its best to consult experienced professionals instead of just going out on a limb and trying it yourself.

With the complete, month-to-month program, male enhancement coach provides:

- A Personalized Exercise Regiment Designed Just For You
- One-on-One support in a Discreet Manner
- Dedicated Professionals That Know What They Are Doing
- Safe and Controlled Routines

This is very important because trying to go it alone with enlargement exercises can not only be dangerous, but may results in permanent defects!  If you run into any problems with the exercises (and trust us, you will!), you can simply get on the forums, or ask your coach what to do.  This is what sets male enhancement coach apart from the competitors.

User Feedback

So far, from what we have been reading on popular PE forums, the feedback has been positive.  What you need to realize is that PE takes time, often as much as 2 years, to see the best results, and since this product has only been out for a few months.  Here are some positive reviews we have found:

“I have been using Big Al’s program for about 6 months now, and I have to say I have been receiving incredible gains so far.  I didn’t think it was possible, but after using it for just a few months, I started to see about a 1/4 inch gain.  What’s great about this program is they provide easy to use, step by step instructions on how to do the exercises.  Al is a great coach too, he keeps me motivated even when i don’t feel like running through the routines.”
David, Kentucky

“I tried alot of different exercise routines, but alot of them I was very confused with.  It’s not that I didn’t understand the concept, its that I couldn’t grasp how to do the exercises and make gains with them.  After using this program for about a month, I started to see positive gains, and got really excited.  The best part about it is the personalized service I am getting, I feel like I have someone that actually cares about my goals as much as I do!”
Mike, Mass


- Easy To Use
- Relatively Inexpensive (As little as $100 for a years worth)
- Backed by 60 day guarantee
- Professional coaches that want to see you succeed
- Easy-To-Use Charts And Diagrams To Track Your Progress
- Proven Results


- Many of These Exercises Can Be Found For Free on the Internet
- Limited Long-Term Results From Successful Clients

What We Recommend To You

Penis Enlargement Exercises work, period.  But you need to do them for a prolonged period of time (think over a year) to see good, long lasting results.  Male Enhancement Coach can help get you there, but there is no need to subscribe to something and pay for it on a monthly basis, when you can simply get this information for free on the internet.  We recommend the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Get a 1 – Year Supply Of Vigrx Plus

This supplement has been labeled as one of the most effective at helping men achieve desired increases in both erection quality, and hardness.  Put simply, it works to make you a beast in bed, and make you orgasm through the roof.

Step 2: Pick Up a FREE Copy of Our Penis Enlargement Exercise Guide

We have detailed descriptions of over 10 different exercise regimens you can use, to start growing to the size you want to be.  Use these exercises in conjunction with Vigrx Plus, and you will be seeing gains in as little as a few months.

Step 3: Join The forum

You can find alot of free information regarding PE on this forum, and its a great starting point for newbies.  They provide detailed descriptions on how to do these exercises, and some moderators will even mentor you for free as well.

These 3 steps will save you alot of time and aggravation, and will allow you to be your own male enhancement coach, without paying someone else to do so.

Do Antidepressants Kill Your Sex Drive?

After moderating a related forum for the past few months, I have noticed a significant  number of men complaining about antidepressants ruining their libido, sex life, and penis size.  Drugs such as Duloxetine and other SSRI’s have been proven in clinical studies to have adverse sexual side effects, but we still keep taking them to make us feel better.  The purpose of this article is not to talk about the scientific reasons about why these drugs ruin your libido, but rather to focus on treating your depression and libido in the first place.

Why are you Depressed?

People get depressed for alot of reasons, whether it be the recent loss of a loved one, fired from a job, or just in a bad mood.  Depression is not something new, it has been around since the dawn of time, and it will continue to persist as long as we are on this planet.  Depression in and of itself affects your sex life, because you simply have a loss of sexual interest when you have alot of things on your mind.  Think about it, when do you feel like having sex when you are not feeling right?

Some may say that the best treatment for depression actually is a better sex life, but its hard to fight something we don’t want.  We have never been a big proponent of drugs for treating symptoms, because all they do is temporarily solve the problem.  A long term treatment option is needed to really get to the heart of the problem.

Where is your sex life?

It’s no secret that as we get older, we want sex less and less.  This is usually due to a lowering of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone as we age, and it doesnt get any better as time goes on.  So what can you do to get the spark back in your sex life.  Millions of men worldwide have turned to prescription drugs to help with their sex life, but again this is just a temporary solution.  You take the pill, get an erection in a couple of hours, and then when the drug wears off, you need to take it again.  Its a vicous cycle that goes round and round for the duration your on these drugs.

What if there was something you could do to permanently solve your erection quality problems, without all of the harmful side effects.  Well, the truth is, no matter what you take (herbal medicine or prescription), you will experience side effects, its a matter of the severity of those side effects that comes into question. 

So What Can I Do About It?

We always recommend taking all natural herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs to help treat your problems.  One thing you can try for your depression is St. Johns Wort, which has been used for decades to help treat this ailment.  You can pick up a small bottle of it at your nearby grocery store, and it usually starts working after a couple of days.

For your libido problems, we recommend a healthy and safe product called Vigrx Plus. Vigrx Plus has been used by thousands of men worldwide to help treat their sex drive problems, and give them an all natural fulfillment that they desire.

How Come Porn Stars Have Such A Big Penis?

We see these questions all the time come up on our inbox regularly, as well as see alot of guys talking about it on various forums, so we figured we would make a quick post about it.  Alot of guys want to know why porn stars have such a big penis, and the question is actually two fold.  For one, they want to know legitamately whether or not these guys are born with it or not?  And second, we believe that they feel inadequate with their partner, and wish to do something about it.

So What Gives, Why Are They So Big?

I have read alot about this (I do have better things to do with my time though!), and the consensus seems to be that the average porn stars penis size is only about 6 inches, which places it a little bit bigger than normal.  The reason why it looks so big on camera is because these supposed “stars” are often paired with smaller framed women, making it appear larger. 

Also, they tend to hire guys who are more muscular, which also helps to aid in the perception that they are bigger than average, when indeed they are simply average. 

Another theory is that male porn stars use supplements to help them grow bigger in size.  A recent blog / website that came out talks about ron jeremy’s guide to a bigger penis, and has all sorts of supplements that claim they can grow it 4 inches in a month.  This kind of talk is proposterous, as no pill or capsule will do such a thing in such a short amount of time. 

But, Porn Stars Do Use Penis Enlargement Techniques

It is pretty obvious that the above average porn star must do something to give him that extra edge and keep the offers coming in.  We decided to ask around some forums such as matters of size and pe gym to get the latest scoop on what these men probably do to get them much bigger.

The answers we got were astonishing.  One very effective device we read about is called the Proextender, which is labeled as a penis traction device.  This particular device was originally constructed to help treat men suffering from peyronies disease, which is when a penis is unnaturally bent to the side.  It has found an alternative use on the PE scene, and thousands of men have been using it to help gain as much as 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. 

Read our full review of the Proextender System here, to learn how it works.

What About Supplements?

We had alot of guys ask us questions about the most effective supplements that help for a porn star penis, and the truth is, no supplement alone will help you gain size.  However, it is possible to use supplements such as Vigrx Plus in conjunction with a Penis Enlargement Exercise Routine, including Jelquing, and a combination of Wet/Dry Milking.

Men who used Vigrx Plus for an average of 1 year, along with regular exercise routines, saw gains of up to 1.5 inches.  Read our full review of vigrx plus here.


We believe that companies that produce adult films obviously hire guys that have larger wangs than the average bear, but that won’t stop men from asking whether or not it is safe or practical to gain size.  We recommend that you check out our resources on our home page, and help determine the practice or procedure that best fits your needs.

What Are The Best Volume Pills?

We get alot of emails from guys wondering what the best volume pills are, and are answer is the same everytime, it’s literally called Volume Pills.  They are manufactured by a company called leading edge health, and they are designed to boost your semen production by as much as 500%.  We have actually tested Volume Pills for its effectiveness, and while we did not see so much of an increase, we did see a difference in the amount of ejaculate.  It is best to order a 6 month supply of these pills, simply because it takes about that long to get the best results.

Why These Supplements?

Many men wonder why do guys even bother using pills such as these, and the simple answer is they provide increased orgasms and make for more intense sexual pleasure.  So how exactly do they work?  Well, the theory goes that if you can increase your testosterone function, you should be able to increase your ejaculate.  And the way that you increase testosterone is through a variety of ingredients, including solidilin, drilizen, Tribulus Terrestris, and Dong Chong Xia Chao.

All of these factors, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can lead to a significant increase in the amount of sperm produced, further enhancing your erections.

How Do These Pills Compare?

There are many products on the market that promise to increase your sperm count, but many of them simply contain fillers and by-products that do nothing.  We have personally tested and evaluated practically all of them, and you can find our reviews on our top 3 volume pills here.

There are some guys that think performer 5 is one of the best products you can buy, but we don’t believe so for a variety of reasons.  One major reason is that it does not contain two vital ingredients, drilizen and solidilin.  Both of these are a natural precursor to testosterone function, and are key in providing the right balance of hormones and seratonin.

Also, Performer5 does not have a specific endorsement from any leading physicians, but Volume Pills is expressly endorses by 2 different doctors.  In addition, volume pills guarantee far surpasses that of Performer5.  Why is that?  Well, if you want to send your performer5, you need to save the packaging, any used bottles, prove that you were taking it for 90 days (at least), and you better make sure that you add an expensive tracking program on your return, otherwise they won’t accept it.

Do Drugs Like Cialis or Viagra Work To Increase Ejaculate?

Pharmaceutical type drugs such as these have no indication of providing enhanced semen or sperm production, they only work to increase the blood flow to the penis.  Without getting into a big scientific discussion about it, the short answer is no, the do not work as volume pills.


You best bet is to try one of the leading performance enhancing products on the market for about 6 months, and see if it is right for you.  Many men that we have received feedback from said that they were experiencing the first effects after about 1 month of usage, and had the best results after using them for a prolonged period of time.  Learn more in our semen pills comparison here, and see how they stack up against each other.