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Rexbull Review

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Rexbull is (or was) a male enhancement supplement for improving your sex life.  Information on Rexbull is hard to come by, but they have left a little bit of a trail indicating what it may have been and what it may be now.  We’ve tried to piece it together so you can get as accurate a review as possible.

It seems pretty clear that at this point, Rexbull is no longer available.  The official website no longer exists, and all the links that previously led to a purchasing option lead you instead to other products.  Additionally, the Better Business Bureau has given a company called Rexbull an “F” rating due mainly to a large number of complaints about service, delivery, and the product.  And the comments section of one website that reviews Rexbull is full of complaints that orders were placed, but the product just never arrived.

Rexbull Ingredients 

When products like go off the market, it usually doesn’t happen quickly.  It’s more like a slow process where it drops off of review sites and retailer sites one by one.  Rexbull must be in the last phase of this because there is really almost nothing left.  We found no ingredients list and really no information in that regard at all.

How Rexbull Works



Again, we found nothing.  We can’t even tell if Rexbull was meant to be taken daily or only as needed. All we can gather is that it claimed to increase your libido and improve your performance.


Rexbull Pros and Cons  

In this case, the situation is pretty clear, but it’s made even clearer when you list the pros and cons out side by side.

Advantages of Rexbull 

  • None that we were able to find.

Disadvantages of Rexbull 

  • It is no longer available.
  • There are no ingredients listed.
  • There’s no information available.
  • The only Rexbull reviews we found were followed by several negative comments from actual customers.
  • The Better Business Bureau gives Rexbull an F rating.

Where to Buy 

Rexbull appears to no longer be available anywhere, not even on eBay.


Even if you did happen to find a source for Rexbull, we wouldn’t recommend using it. It appears to have been a fly-by-night operation that has run its course.


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