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Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel Review

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What Are Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel?

In this business, I come across a lot of scams, but one in particular keeps grabbing my attention lately, so I figured it was time to inform my readers once and for all in the hope that no more of you get taken in. I’m talking about the bodybuilding supplement stack – Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel.

It all starts with a phony ESPN article claiming that some superstar athlete is in trouble for using this exclusive new stack. Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel have used Rio Olympic Gold Medalist Wayde Van Niekerk in the past. Most recently, it’s UFC champion Conor McGregor.

The Phony “Article”

Take a look:


Hypertone Force and Hypertone Excel Headline



You may be wondering how we know this article is a fake. It’s a completely valid question. “Why should I believe you?” Well, there’s clear evidence, and here it is:


Hyper tone Force and Hypertone Excel Url


Last I checked “” was not ESPN and my research found that there is no relationship between this URL and ESPN or any of its affiliations. This is simply a website that copied ESPN graphics and language, attempting to make you and everyone else think they are actually representing

Will the Real Ryan Hasman Please Stand Up

If this isn’t enough to convince you, let’s talk about the writer of the article, Ryan Hasman. Later on in his story, he talks about his personal results with the Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel stack. He even provides before and after photos:


Hyper tone Force and Hyper tone Excel Gert Louw Image


But what you may not know is that Ryan Hasman has “written” this same article about dozens of other muscle building stacks, and here are the before and after pics he published showing his results using the two products -Test Boost Elite and Max Nitric Oxide”


Hyper tone Force and Hyper tone Excel Other before and after images


Notice that all the text is the same, but the photos are clearly of different men. I’m not familiar with the second group of images, but the first I know for a fact is not Ryan Hasman. Those 2 photos are of a bodybuilding expert and blogger named Gert Louw.

This isn’t the first time his photos have been used without his permission to promote a product he has nothing to do with. It happens a lot actually. But he’ll be the first to tell you, hard work is what got him his body, and he has never taken Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel, or any of the other stacks that use his image. Unless it’s on his personal/professional website, it’s not Gert Louw.

The Article’s Real Purpose

Down near the end of this phony article, you’ll find its real purpose. This is where they place links to where you get to try Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel for free:


Hyper tone Force and Hyper tone Excel Free Bottle Links


They use the phrase “FREE BOTTLE” 4 times, making it crystal clear that what you’d be linking to is a FREE BOTTLE of this stuff. Certainly, no one could blame you if believed you could sign up and get a free bottle. But the reality is you’d be very much mistaken.

We’ll get into that in more detail a little later on. For now, let’s talk about why you should or should not consider using Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel.

What Are Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel?

Clearly, the marketing for this stack is sketchy to say the least. The fake ESPN article, the unauthorized use of Gert’s photos, and the dishonest“free” bottle offer are all reasons to hesitate before buying these products. But what about the actual products themselves? If they work, then who cares about shady marketing, right?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the individual products and how they may or may not work, read on.

How Hyper Tone Force Works

Hyper Tone Force is the pre workout supplement in the stack. It puts most of its focus on boosting nitric oxide in your body, and it does this for a number of good reasons, namely to improve energy and endurance for your workouts.

Nitric Oxide is what they call a vasodilator. It relaxes and opens up blood vessels so more blood can flow more freely throughout the body. What this means for workouts is actually several benefits:

  1. More blood means more oxygen gets to your muscles while you’re working out, providing energy for you to push harder, leading to better workouts and improved results.
  2. More blood means better pumps, those great vascular moments both during and after your workout that make you feel like you can conquer the world.
  3. More blood mean more nutrients get delivered to your muscles so that after your workout is done, they are better prepared to recover more quickly and more completely, making you ready to go even harder at your next workout.

This is why so many pre workout supplements are nitric oxide based. It’s got proven benefits agreed upon by the bodybuilding community pretty universally.

So that’s how Hyper Tone Force is supposed to work, but let’s take a look at the formula to see if it really does.

Hyper Tone Force Ingredients

There are two main ingredients that Hyper Tone Force calls the backbone of the formula:

  • L-Arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide. When you ingest more L-Arginine, your body produces more nitric oxide, leading to all the benefits touted above. For this reason, L-Arginine is in fact one of the most commonly used ingredients in nitric oxide boosting pre workout supplements.
  • L-Citrulline which is a precursor to L-Arginine. First it converts to L-Arginine which then converts to nitric oxide, so you’re in effect providing a longer lasting increase in nitric oxide, first through the first generation l-arginine, then with the l-arginine that’s been converted from the l-citrulline.

It’s important to note that although we’re told that these are the primary active ingredients in Hyper Tone Force, we’re not told how much of each is used in the formula. Like we mentioned above, L-arginine is extremely common in pre workout pills and powders, but what’s also extremely common is under-dosing.

The recommended daily dose for nitric oxide boosting pre workouts is between 3 and 5 grams, but it’s actually very rare to find supplements using that much. They’re out there, but they are not the majority. And you can be sure that if a supplement uses the recommended doses, they make sure you know. Hyper Tone Force doesn’t do that. They just simply don’t discuss amounts.

How Hyper Tone Excel Works

Hyperone Excel is the testosterone boosting component of the stack. The idea is solid. Boosting testosterone will most certainly improve many aspects of your workout as well as your life in general. Among the benefits, you’ll find:

  • Boosted vitality.
  • Increased natural energy.
  • Lifted libido.
  • Mood elevation.
  • Increased fat burning.
  • Better muscle to fat body composition.

Even if you’re not starting a new workout regimen, boosting testosterone can be a great idea if you’re over say 35 or so. This is when you probably start to notice a decline in your natural levels. When you were a teen, you r body was practically flooded with the male sex hormone. It’s what made you grow, become sexual, gain muscle mass, and basically become a man.

But after about 20 or so, your levels begin to drop off. You don’t notice at first because they’re still quite high. But at some point, levels reach a point where you just don’t feel like your old self anymore. You have less energy, you’re less motivated, you’re less interested in sex, and you start putting on weight.

So clearly if you’re also at this point wanting to start a healthy eating and workout routine and yield some noticeable results, you’ll want to add a testosterone booster to your list of daily supplements.

But with that established, does Hyper Tone Excel have what it takes to make the difference?

Hyper Tone Excel Ingredients

As with Hyper Tone Force, we know most of the ingredients in the formula, but not how much is used. The list includes:

  • Tongkat Ali which is believed to increase free testosterone levels. They way it works is by preventing SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) from doing what it wants to do, which is attach itself to free testosterone molecules, making them unusable by the body. With less SHBG getting in the way, more testosterone remains free to be used.
  • Monkey’s Head Hericium which is a powerful fat fighter, helping to convert fat into energy.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum which is known as Chinese Viagra because of its ability to increase blood flow during arousal for better erections. While it doesn’t actually increase testosterone levels, it mimics the effect of boosted levels.
  • Maca Root which is another aphrodisiac herb that boosts libido, again making you feel more viril.
  • Korean Ginseng Extract which increases energy by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which has long been used as a natural testosterone booster and has been used as well to improve athletic performance. It is believed to increase Luteinizing Hormone, which then increases the amount of testosterone released into the body.

With the exception of the Monkey’s Head, most of the above ingredients are very typically found in your average run of the mill testosterone boosters. Nothing earth shattering, but decent nevertheless. Some of the more powerful components like DHEA and D-Aspartic Acid are missing, but all in all the list is pretty fair.

Again though, just like with Hyper Tone Force, Hyper Tone Excel doesn’t reveal how much of each ingredient is in the formula, which makes it tough to really assess how well you can expect it to work.

The Free Trial Scam

Our general assessment of the two Hyper Tone products is that they are pretty mediocre. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got some small benefit from using one or both of them, so if you come across them at a nice low price, you might want to give them a try.

But that’s not gonna happen!

The only way you can buy these two products is by signing up for their “free trials” but I would STRONGLY advise that you don’t.

Remember all that talk about the phony article that we started our review with? Well it should come as no surprise that the phony article leads to a ripoff disguised as a free trial.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you read the article and get so excited about the possibilities Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel open up for you, you click the link to what you think is a free trial offer for each.
  2. You see they need your credit card number so you can pay the small shipping fee and your address so they can deliver the products, and you gladly give it to them, thinking there’s really nothing to lose with this being a free trial and all.
  3. They send you a full 30-day supply of each.
  4. Up to this point, there are really no surprises, but all that changes 14 days after you placed your trial order when you see a charge on your credit card for $228.79 (or 2 charges totaling that much). You did not misread that number. In 14 days, these scammers will bill you almost $230 for 2 run of the mill, nothing special supplements that you may have not even tried yet, but that you thought you were getting for free!


If you look hard enough, you’ll see they do explain the terms of the deal, but they’re very hard to find. Here’s what they say:


Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel Terms Image


Almost everyone is caught off guard by these charges. They signed up for a free trial, not a $230 trial. And it only gets worse. A lot of guys accept it and blame themselves for not reading the fine print and chalk it up to a lesson learned.

But it’s not over yet! 30 days later, they get another $230 charge and another 2 bottles show up on their doorstep. You see, also included in the trial is enrollment in their automatic monthly refill program.

So unless you proactively contact this company and cancel future orders, these billings will go on indefinitely. And remember, this is $230 a month for 2 pills that are arguably only mildly effective at best.

Not only that, but I’ve seen a whole lot of feedback from customers claiming to have a great deal of difficulty trying to cancel the scam once it’s started:


Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel Cancel Difficulties



I would caution you to always take an active role in protecting yourself against internet and other retail scams. But some are way worse than others. Clearly Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel are two of the worst. They rope you in with lies about athletes and celebrities “getting in trouble” for using their products. They use unauthorized photos of real bodybuilders who have and want nothing to do with them. Then when they’ve got you just interested enough to try them for free, they slap you with huge recurring monthly charges.

Hyper Tone Force and Hyper Tone Excel would have to be pretty amazing in order to overcome all these negatives, but the real truth is, they’re absolutely nothing special. Avoid these two like the plague. We’ve got nothing positive to say about them.

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