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FAQ’s about Male Enhancement

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Male Enhancement pills are used to help men of all ages increase there sexual desire, promote a healthy increase in size and girth, increase sexual activity, and increase the production of hormones and sperm levels in the male body.  They come in various forms, but the most popular are all natural enhancing substances and medications in the form of synthetic drugs.

What Are The Various Kinds of Drugs/Supplements?

Pharmaceutical Drugs – Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, work by allowing the restricted arteries of the penis to open up and allow the smooth flow of blood to the penis.  This is done through a chemical called phentolamine, which relaxes smooth muscles.  Generally, these pills are safe to take, but do have very common side effects.

All Natural Male Enhancement – All natural pills, such as VigRx and Vimax, work the same way, just in a natural state.  The corpora cavernosa, or cp muscle, is the muscle responsible for getting you erect.  When it is restricted, which often happens with aging and hereditary issues, it does not allow blood to flow properly, causing a lack of erection.  They work to release this constricted muscle, and allow for a surge of blood flow to the penis.  It is all natural because no chemicals or sythentic properties are used in these supplements.

Will These Pills get me bigger Forever?

Generally speaking, yes.  But you need to understand how these pills work to achieve incremental gains over time.  Read more about how male enhancement pills work.

How often do I need to Take Pills?

The short answer is, whenever you want an erection.  However, numerous clinical studies show that with prolonged use you will see incremental gains over time.  But, in order to see sufficient gains, you need to take them for a minimum of 4 months.  Most all natural enhancers require you to take at least 2 pills a day to see an increase in desire and size.

Are all male enhancement pills the same?

As a matter of fact, no.  There are very subtle differences in most of the products on the market.  Some contain standardized extracts which are often confused with medications.  All natural pills contain roots and extracts from a variety of plant sources.  Their combinations are usually proprietary, and there are no two products that are the same.

How long does it take for these Pills to Work?

While specific product claims vary substantially, medications tend to work about 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion.  All natural pills generally take up to 2 to 3 weeks to start seeing initial results, as the potency is less efficient.  However, medications contain drugs which often have side effects.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

Most of the products we have reviewed are safe, but there are some with side effects.  Certain medications which contain sildenefil often have side effects that are related to increased blood pressure, kidney problems, and intestinal problems.  All natural male enhancement pills, because they contain herbal extracts, are generally deemed safe to take and have very little, if any, reported side effects.

Are These Pills Guaranteed to Work?

Very few companies out there guarantee their pills to work, but there are a few notable ones.  For instance, VigRx Plus, is guaranteed for up to 64 days from ordering.  If it does not, you can return your pills and packaging to them for a full refund.  Not all penis pills work, and there are many scams out there.  You should be very cautious when ordering from certain companies.  You can read about these various companies on the left side of the page.

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