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How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Penis size is without a doubt one of the most important things to men when it comes to their confidence. Simply put, guys that have bigger penises carry around more confidence, knowing that they can satisfy almost every woman in the bedroom. There is nothing more embarassing to a guy if he can’t get it up, keep it up, or last more than 3 minutes when in the sack.

Like alot of guys, you may be interested in taking a male enhancement supplement to help with your problem, but your skeptical because you are unsure of whether or not it works. We decided to give you a quick overview of what male enhancement pills are TRULY designed to do, as well as give you our brief synopsis of the best performing ones on the market.

So How Exactly Do Penis Pills Work?

Well, its quite simple. The penis contains a number of blood vessels and arteries that fill with blood when you are sexually aroused. See diagram below:

how enhancement works

Penis enlargment pills, when taken as a daily supplement, increase the amount of blood flow whenever you have an erection. Over time, as more and more blood flows to the penis, the muscle called the corpora cavernosa (CP muscle for short), gradually expands and allows more blood to flow into the penis.

It does this by relaxing the tissues around those muscles we talked about earlier, quickly filling the blood chambers and allowing for a sustained erection. Simply put, the more blood flowing to the penis results in fuller, longer lasting erections, a heightened sexual desire, and a more sensitive feeling during sex.

Achieving Your Optimum Size

It has been said that 40 million american men suffer from some sort of erectile dysfunction. The ability to achieve a natural erection is BY FAR more effective and safe than using pharmaceutical drugs that come with harmful side effects and unneccesary prolonged erections.

Helping yourself get rid of your ED problem will increase your confidence, sex drive, and the ability to satisfy your partner like never before. Using male enhancement pills takes time to work, but you will get the satisfaction of having an erection ON DEMAND without feeling embarrassed about your sexual competency.

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  1. momoh kamara July 4, 2016 at 4:46 am

    Dave thank you very much for drug been shown to us inrespect of our status. i am living in a country where it is very difficult for me to have such drug. since i read my email message i went looking for such drug but it is no where to found. i am living in west africa sierra leone. how can you help me dave bcus this condition really stressing me and my wife. as i told you early i am diabetic patient and i have got an impotency. it is really sressing me and my family. dave i really need a help. thankd

  2. momoh kamara July 2, 2016 at 7:09 am

    i have never use these drugs but i am presently inneed of a drug that can help my impotency. i have try severa drugs like yohimbine tabs, pills like tabs vigrx and the rest and upto now no way. however i may want you to know that i am a diabetes patient and that is my status present. i am embarrance during my sexual intercousr and i need a serious help. thank you dave

    • Dave Walker July 3, 2016 at 9:42 pm

      Hey Buddy,
      Check out a supplement called Extenze. It’s the best pill I’ve recommended to guys with diabetes, and it works GREAT. Here’s my review:


  3. Adam peacock July 14, 2015 at 9:20 am

    The problem iv got it ppl say I have an average sized dick but to me it’s small so is there any advise anyone can give me to improve the gerth of my penis??

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