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How Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

How Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

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When it comes to natural methods and ways of enlarging penis and enhancing the male sexual performance, certain novel exercises and physical techniques present a safe, cost-less and natural treatment option. While many techniques and penile workouts are universally practiced by millions, the following penis exercises are considered the most common and safe ones:

Penis Jelqing  

Originally from Arabia, Jelqing or power jelqing is an old traditional technique that has been known for centuries for its utility of causing permanent penis enlargement. It basically involves “milking” or stretching your penis so as to increase its length on permanent basis. While it is most commonly performed by hand, certain tools or equipment can also be used for this purpose (it is then known as power jelqing”).

By nature, jelqing is a massage technique that is slowly and gradually performed with regularity and at a pre-determined frequency. Because of its high safety and painless mechanism, jelqing is widely considered as the most frequently performed penis enlarging exercise in the world.

A single jelqing session is about 45-minutes long and works on the following principles:

Rebuilding of spongy bodies: There are two types of spongy tissues in the penis (corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum). Jelqing works to regenerate their cells which results in their gradual expansion and growth.

Lengthening / stretching of penile ligament: The ligaments (such as suspensory ligaments) are elastic cords of tissues that attach penis base to your body. It has been shown that lengthening or stretching these ligaments with the help of jelqing or other exercises will result in some increase of the length of the penis.

However, one must remember that if performed without care and excessively, jelqing may actually result in some side effects such as discolouration of the penile skin, painful erection and surfacing of the veins of the penis.

See This Video Below Which Demonstrates The Jelqing technique:


The Long Shlong Exercise 

The Long Shlong is specifically performed to increase the length of the penis through the mechanism of “stretching”. Like “Jelqing” this exercise is also painless and can be done easily within the comfort of one’s own home without assistance. This penis workout is performed on the principle that stretching or extending your penis with physical force (in this case, your hand) causes increased cellular spaces in between the tissues of the penis.

As the tissues become more “roomy”, more blood flows in and stays within the penis. This not only improves erectile capacity but also accelerates the multiplication of penile cells via the cell division known as “mitosis”. All of these factors lead to the permanent, life-long enlargement of penis.

This exercise is typically done when the penis is in limp or flaccid state. You are then required to take the head of your penis in your hand and then stretch it out, gradually and slowly, holding it for at least fifteen to twenty seconds. The same activity has to be repeated at least 4 to 5 times before moving to the next step. In the next stage, you need to hold your penis in your hand and pull it towards right.

The penis is held in this state for at least 15 seconds until you eventually feel some pressure building on the left side of your penis. This standard frequency for performing this exercise is 4 to 5 times per day.

See The Video Below to see how the long Schlong exercise works:


Benefits of combining penis exercises with a supplementation regimen 

Experts now agree that it is virtually impossible to “enlarge” the penis on “permanent” basis with pills or supplements alone, without surgery or adding some physical factor (such as the use of extender or penis exercises). Therefore, combining a safe and effective male enhancement pill or supplement with penis health exercises produces a unique “synergetic” effect in which both factors potentiate the effects of each other.

What this means is that, when and if combined with penis stretching exercises, the effects and speed of action of male enhancement supplements become stronger and results are quickly achieved and on permanent basis. The same is true for penis exercises as well. When combined with the recommended supplementation regimen, penis health exercises will not only permanent increase in penis in a relatively shorter time but will also increase the overall sexual performance, duration of orgasms and strength of erections.

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