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Top 3 Pre Workout Products


#1 - Nitrocut

Check out my real Nitrocut review, and learn about my results. Learn More

crazy mass cutting stack review

#2 - Crazy Mass

Read my personal review of the Crazy Mass cutting stack. Learn More

#3 - Amino Prime

Amino Prime is reportedly used to help invigorate sexual health and build rock hard muscle. Learn More

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4 Gauge Review –


February 7, 2017 Pre Workout
force factor volcano review

Force Factor VolcaNO Review and Results

Learn more about Force Factor Volcano, including info on the ingredients and my results. [...]

December 24, 2014 Pre Workout
maximum shred review

Maximum Shred Review – Does It Work?

Maximum Shred claims celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson use their product, but its a load of crap. Read more in our official review. [...]

December 23, 2014 Pre Workout
superior muscle x review

Superior Muscle X Review – Does It Really Work?

Does Superior Muscle X really work? Likely not, and you'll find out why in this comprehensive review. [...]

December 19, 2014 Pre Workout
crazy mass cutting stack review

Crazy Mass Cutting Stack Review

Read my personal review of the Crazy Mass cutting stack, and find out why this just might be the best stack to get ripped and build muscle. [...]

December 3, 2014 Pre Workout
prewrek review


PreWrek is a popular pre-workout supplement that helps to improve both mental and physical energy. Learn more about what it does in our review. [...]

August 25, 2014 Pre Workout

1285 Muscle Review

1285 Muscle promises to boost nitric oxide levels for increased workout production, but with hidden charges is it really worth buying? [...]

August 25, 2014 Pre Workout

Pro7ein Synthesis

Pro7ein Synthesis is an award winning protein supplement that has rave reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. [...]

August 16, 2014 Pre Workout

Prolexin IGF

Prolexin IGF-1 uses a controversial substance called Deer Antler Velvet, which apparently works to maginify strength, endurance, and libido. [...]

August 6, 2014 Pre Workout

Alpha Jacked

Does Alpha Jacked Really Work? No, and you will find out why in this review. [...]

August 3, 2014 Pre Workout

Alpha T1

Check out our Alpha T1 review and find out if this testosterone boosting supplement really works. [...]

July 31, 2014 Pre Workout

Amino Prime Review

Amino Prime is reportedly used to help invigorate sexual health, accelerate muscle recovery, and build rock hard muscle by increasing nitric oxide levels. [...]

July 27, 2014 Pre Workout

Razor 8 Blast Powder

Razor 8 Blast Powder is an very powder is a very potent pre workout formula designed to stimulate your workouts for better results. [...]

July 23, 2014 Male Enhancement, Pre Workout


AntlerX IGF-1 uses deer antler velvet as it's primary ingredient, but is it really a cure or just water in a bottle? We investigate the claims in this review. [...]

July 20, 2014 Pre Workout

Artic Zero Review

Arctic Zero is an ice cream substitute used by bodybuilders and weight loss enthusiasts alike. Read our official review. [...]

July 13, 2014 Pre Workout

Ripped Muscle X and Core Cutter Plus

A blog promises that by taking Ripped Muscle X and Core Cutter Plus you will gain serious size. Is it complete B.S.? Read our review to find out. [...]

July 8, 2014 Pre Workout

Ripped Muscle X

Ripped Muscle X is an enhanced new formula made from natural ingredients and is apparently designed to help you get ripped as act as a potent enhancement formula. [...]

July 7, 2014 Pre Workout


Avesil is a weight loss supplement designed to suppress apetite, boost energy, and burn fat. But is their free trial really worth it? [...]

July 5, 2014 Pre Workout


Manufactured by Nouveau Life, Azul Instant promises to start working in 5 minutes, and we found out how it does that in this exclusive review. [...]

June 30, 2014 Pre Workout

BSN Nitrix 2.0

BSN Nitrix 2.0 is an award winning pre-workout supplement that uses vasodilation to help increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles. [...]

June 29, 2014 Pre Workout


Cytonox is a pre workout supplement that comes in powder form, and is said to increase nitric oxide production and help with enegry and increased pumps. [...]

May 26, 2014 Pre Workout

Tenacity Pre Workout Supplement Review

Tenacity is a relatively new pre workout supplement that is made up of b vitamins and a host of other ingredients. [...]

May 13, 2014 Pre Workout

Elevate GF Review

Elevate GF claims it can help you grow taller, but can a supplement really add inches to your height? We investigate the claims in this review. [...]

May 4, 2014 Pre Workout

Trig X2

Check out our Trig X2 review, and learn why this supplement is likely a scam that will do nothing but separate you from your wallet. [...]

April 3, 2014 Pre Workout

Free Get Ripped Ebook

Fortesta is an FDA approved testosterone booster that is applied topically to help increase testosterone levels in men suffering from Andropause. [...]

March 22, 2014 Pre Workout

Get Ripped Thanks

GRockMe is a fast acting pill designed to help men address low libido issues, and starts working in close to 20 minutes. [...]

March 18, 2014 Pre Workout

HGH Energizer

HGH Energizer is a product listed to help boost your natural HGH levels using a proprietary blend of ingredients. [...]

March 13, 2014 Pre Workout

Hyper Fuel 9X Review

Hyper Fuel 9x, which is commonly paired with Elevate GF, Optimal Stack, Muscle Factor X, and 1285 Muscle, promises some pretty bold results. Find out if it really works here. [...]

February 12, 2014 Pre Workout

Xtreme Antler

See our official review of Xtreme Antler and learn if it really works, or if it's just another scam workout supplement. [...]

December 26, 2013 Pre Workout

XtremeGain Workout Supplement

XtremeGain is a pre workout supplement that is supposed to help build muscle mass naturally, but does it really work? Read more in our review. [...]

December 23, 2013 Pre Workout