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HGH Energizer

Dave Walker Date: March 13, 2014 Pre Workout

HGH Energizer Review

You may have seen human growth hormone enhancers on the market,and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and how they work. Human growth hormone,or HGH, is a chemical that stimulates growth,cellular reproduction,and cellular regeneration, obvious benefits for someone looking to build lean muscle quickly. But artificial injections of HGH are not only expensive, they are also illegal without a prescription under current law.Supplement manufacturers have developed a creative work around — the natural HGH booster.

HGH Energizer says that it is one of the most effective examples of these all-natural products.Using a unique formula that stimulates your pituitary gland, the organ responsible for releasing human growth hormone, HGH Energizer can give you the extra push you need to quickly replace fat with muscle.

How HGH Energizer Works

 HGH Energizer Review

HGH Energizer Review

Potent amino acids, the building blocks of muscle, and organic herbs expand your blood vessels and work their way to your pituitary gland. Once there, your brain sends a signal to the gland to ramp up production of human growth hormone. The new HGH then finds its way through your dilated blood vessels and into your muscle fibers and other tissues where it begins telling those cells to heal and reproduce. There are other benefits as well. Some regular users report feeling more confident and a
more active libido.

When you lift a weight or perform other work, you are essentially tearing your muscles on a microscopic level. This is why you feel sore after completing an especially strenuous exercise. HGH Energizer heals those tears faster than you otherwise would, giving you faster size gains.

HGH Energizer Might Be Good For Begginners

You may think HGH Energizer is just for the experienced bodybuilder, but you’d be wrong. Even those just starting a regular workout regiment can benefit. As you start to work out more, your body will start to produce more testosterone and human growth hormone all by itself. Combine those effects with HGH Energizer, and you will supercharge your workouts, exponentially increasing the benefit of each repetition.

What you can expect  

  • More muscle tone
  • Faster recovery and more energy
  • Faster muscle growth
  • Incredible weight loss
  • Possible increase in libido


We don’t have too much experience testing hgh supplements, so it’s hard for us to say with any certainty whether or not it will work.  While these types of supplements, like HGH energizer, do promise alot of benefits, the simple fact is that they have not been clinically tested or otherwise proven.  There is some speculation that if you combine it with a supplement such as Virility Ex that you may achieve faster gains,specifically in size.  Furthermore, there are very few reviews posted online about HGH Energizer, so that means that it is probably not a very popular supplement.

The products website even has some issues, with no standard ingredient list and very little information.  More research needs to be conducted by us before we start making any assumptions about the vailidity of their claims.

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