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Penis Pump FAQ

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Penis Pump FAQ

Below are a few of the questions we get asked most often about Penis Pumps and how they work.  If you have a more specific question you can always email us.

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Yes.  I have personally tested dozens of them, and have found that the greater majority actually do work if you use it the right way and for the right length of time.

Are They Easy To Use?

Yes, water based pumps especially.  Plus, they are actually quite convenient and you only have to wear them for 15 or 20 min. a day to start seeing results, as opposed to extenders which need to be worn for as much as 6 – 8 HOURS a day!

How Long Do I Have To Use It For?

Generally speaking, If you follow the directions appropriately and use on a daily basis, you can start seeing results in literally the first time you use it.  Gradually over time you will start to see bigger gains, and you can basically use it less once you’ve reached your desired size.

How Much Size Can I Gain?

Your ultimate size will be determined by a number of factors, including your individual body chemistry and initial penis size.  Gains of as much as 3 inches in length and 30% in girth have been reported by many users.

Are Gains Permanent?

When guys ask me this question I like to use the “weight loss” example.  Let’s say you wanted to lose 15 pounds, you would need to diet and exercise, right?  When you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, can you go back to eating Mcdonalds and Pizza 4 nights a week and stop working out and expect to keep the weight off?

Penis enlargement pumps work in a similar way, and are designed to be used on a continual basis to keep the results.  HOWEVER, one important thing to note is that once you have achieved the results you’re looking for, you can start using the pump far less then you were originally.  I’m taking once or twice a week, max.

What Are The Best Penis Pumps?

We have personally tested over 12 different water and vacuum based pumps, and you can see our top 3 choices here.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When work correctly, the potential for side effects is very minimal.  The only reported side effect is minor bruising on the penis, which often results from overuse of the product. Enlargement is a gradual process guys, don’t try to push it!

How Do They Compare To Male Enhancement Pills?

Penis Pumps are MUCH more effective than male enhancement pills when it comes to gaining size.  These pumps were specifically designed to draw blood into the penis, and will do so regardless of your body chemistry.  Pills also have the potential for side effects and interactions from their ingredients, so if youre looking to increase size, Pumps or extenders are the way to go.

Do They Sell Penis Pumps in Stores?

Of course, BUT WE DON’T RECCOMMEND THEM!  You’ll find most pumps in adult film/toy stores, and the majority of the ones that are sold in there are cheap knock offs that are made in china with substandard quality.

Plus the fact that you have to walk into an Adult film store would probably turn off a few guys.  As far as I can tell, only medically certified devices are available in stores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc. and you may need a prescription from a doctor for that.

What’s More Effective Extenders or Pumps?

From a length standpoint, I personally think that Extenders like the Size Genetics Device have an advantage here.  From a girth standpoint, however, I think that Pumps seem to produce bigger erect gains in girth.

Plus, Extenders must be worn for as much as 7 hours a day, which is not so convenient for most guys.

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