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Vacurect Overview

Dave’s Rating:4 Star

Erectile vacuum therapy is not talked about nearly as often as over-the-counter and prescription medications, but it has a very loyal following.  Yes, we’re talking about penis pumps.  And by most accounts, if you’re using it as a solution to erectile dysfunction, you will not be disappointed.
Pumps have gotten tangled up in talk of penis enlargement, though, which is unfortunate because this is not what they
do.  And what ends up happening is that men eager to grow their johnsons buy pumps and end up disappointed when they “don’t work”.  But that’s simply because they are not using them for their true intended purpose.

Vacurect is a penis pump with a very simple yet effective design, and we’re having a hard time finding anyone who hasn’t had success when they use it to treat erectile dysfunction.  So if this is an idea that interests you for whatever reason (ie you can’t or won’t take pills), then read on.

How Vacurect Works

Vacurect ReviewOne of the biggest selling points for Vacurect is its simple design.  It only  takes one hand and it requires no batteries.  The design is what creates the vacuum suction, so there’s no external pump to distract or detract from the moment.  And the addition of several sizes of tension rings ensures that you get a proper and tight seal.  All this comes together so you can achieve a real erection quickly and maintain it throughout, with the least amount of interference from your device.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Vacurect through a number of online sources including medical equipment suppliers.  The cost depends on the model and package you choose, but is generally around $200.  Part of this cost may be reimbursed to you by Medicare or your health insurance company.  You would have to verify that for your particular situation and it would require documentation from your doctor.  We found no indication of a money back guarantee.

Benefits of Vacurect

  • It boasts a 96% success rate.
  • Almost every Vacurect review we found had nothing but good things to say.
  • Medicare or insurance may help pay for it.
  • There are no systemic side effects.
  • It’s a viable remedy for erectile dysfunction for someone who can’t or doesn’t want to take pills.

Drawbacks of Vacurect

  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • It may take a little time to learn to use it properly, and while you’re learning, it can sometimes be slightly painful.
  • Vacurect doesn’t make your penis grow.
  • It could get in the way of spontaneity or intimacy.


There are lots of people that would never even dream of using a penis pump to solve their erectile dysfunction problems.  They think it would be too intrusive and too cumbersome.  That may be true.  On the other hand, Vacurect tries to overcome those issues as much as possible.  For guys that can get past the idea of using a pump, Vacurect is a good choice.

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