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Top 3 Semen Pills

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                                   Top 3 SemenPills

note: These are our Top 3 Semen Enhancing pills.  Check out our review of the Best Products here.

Semen pills have gained in popularity in recent years as men are starting to realize the importance of increasing the amount of sperm and semen they produce. It has been found by many urologists that the amount of sperm you ejaculate is in direct proportion to the intensity of your orgasms. We ranked these 3 semen pills based on their high quality ingredients, customer service, and overall effectiveness.

#1 Volume Pills

 Volume Pills Review

Volume Pills Review

User Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Cost Per Bottle (1-year supply): $29/ box
Money Back guarantee: 6 months

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Overview:  Volume Pills are the leading producer of mens semen enhancers in the US, designed to increase your load capacity.

Volume Pills are our #1 choice for a wide variety of reasons, but most significantly, it was the most effective product.  We read through countless reviews from satisfied customers both on their website and off. In addition, it worked the fastest, with men reporting gains in their semen volume in as little as 2 weeks.

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#2 Semenax

Semenax Review

Semenax Review

User Rating: starstarstarstar
Cost Per Bottle (1-year supply): $33.32/ box
Money Back guarantee: 2 months

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Overview:  Semenax is one of the leading all natural semen enhancers, made from the finest quality ingredients. 

Semenax leads our #2 spot as one of the best all around semen enhancement supplements on the market.  99% of users reported significant gains in their semen capacity just a few short weeks after taking.After about 6 months, you will be shooting bigger loads then you ever though possible.  Doctor Reccomended and Reviewed.

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#3 Vimax Volume

Vimax Volume Review

Vimax Volume Review

User Rating: starstarstarstar
Cost Per Bottle (1-year supply): $33.56/ box
Money Back guarantee: 2 months

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Overview: Vimax Volume is made by a leading herbal supplement firm, and has been proven to increase semen and sperm production by 500%. 

To round off our top choices, we chose Vimax Volume based on its user testimonials, ingredients, quality, price, and effectiveness.  Most men reported results in about 1 month, with the majority reporting the best gains after 6 months of usage.  If you are looking for a great alternative to volume pills and semenax, this is it.

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How Did We Rate These Products?

We rated these products based on a variety of criteria.  We came across several dozen of these products on the net, and many of them were simply cheap knockoffs and did not provide any real value.  The criteria were as follows: quality, ingredients, price, user results, and Customer Service.


We inspected each of these semen supplements for a variety of things, but one of our main issues was the quality of the product.  We wanted to make sure men would use a product manufactured to pharmaceutical grade standards, but not actually be a pharmaceutical product.  All of our top 3 semen enhancers were placed in rigirous scientific testing by board certified urologists and physicians.


Many of the cheap knockoff products we came across contained ingredients that were nothing more than just filler by product.  We analyzed the ingredients in each of our top choices to be sure that they had something to do with semen or testosterone production.  After careful review, we decided to rank these products based on the quality of their ingredients, as well as the potency.


We all know that price is an issue with any male supplement, so we kept that in mind while reviewing these products.  But, keep in mind that “you get what you pay for”, and we do not reccomend that you try some cheap pill you found in a local drug store.  Also, it takes 6 months for semen enhancement supplements to work most effectively, so we reccomend you get at least a 6 months supply of whichever you choose.

User Results

We poured through hundreds of testimonials from guys just like yourself to see what kind of results they received from using these products.  Many of the men who have used these products have reported great results, and fewer than 2 % of all men sample received no results at all from using these supplements.

Customer Service

This goes without saying.  Noone likes to get the run around on the phone, so we decided to contact each company that we came across and rate their overall customer service.  We wanted to be sure that it would not take “an arm and a leg” to return the pills if we needed to, and all the companies we spoke with were pleasant and very helpful.


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Top 3 Semen Pills

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#2 Semenax

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#3 Vimax Volume

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