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Disclaimer:  This is simply a review, not the Size Genetics website.  Click Here to go there.

There’s no shortage of companies touting pills as being the answer to your prayers when it comes to enlarging your penis.  The simple fact is NO pill or supplement will give you a permanent increase in size, despite the hundreds of ads telling you otherwise.

I know because I’ve used HUNDREDS of pills that all told me I would gain inches in my d$%k, and most of them did practically nothing.  But all hope is not lost…

There ARE products out there that REALLY do work, and I’m about to tell you about one of them I personally got a chance to use for the last 6 months.  It’s called the Size Genetics Extender, and it’s one of literally DOZENS of extenders on the market, all claiming to help you grow your size quickly and most importantly, PERMANENTLY…

I’m going to talk a little bit about what the Extender is first, but if you’d like to skip ahead to my personal results then just click here.

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(note:  Youtube closed my account years ago, but someone took the liberty of stealing my SizeGenetics review and posted it to Youtube.  That really is me in the video above)

What Is It and Why Is It The Best Extender I’ve Used

Size Genetics extender reviewThe Sizegenetics device is a certified medical type 1 traction device, and the only one of its kind available. Complete with the CE certification health stamp, it has been designed to help you grow your penis up to 2 inches in as little as 6 months. This revolutionary technology was developed about 10 years ago, and has been used by thousands of men worldwide.

As I mentioned earlier, I have personally tested several different types of penis extenders, and SizeGenetics came out on top form a variety of reasons. The main reasons include:

  • It is the MOST COMFORTABLE device on the market
  • 16 Way Comfort Mechanism
  • MDA (Multi Dimension Angle) Technology
  • Includes Traction Powder, Lotion, and Wipes
  • Comes With Great DVD Bonuses
  • Has an Ironclad 180 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast, FREE Shipping Throughout The US (1 – 2 days)
  • Medically Endorsed and Clinical Studies Conducted

Visit The Size Genetics Site here

FAQ’s For Dave Walker from

Q.  It looks painful. Does the Sizegenetics Device hurt?

A. Not at all, as a matter of fact after the first couple of days you barely even notice its there. Just make sure you buy the complete comfort system, and not just the device itself.

Q. How Long Do You Have To Wear It?

A. The instructions say 6 – 12 hours a day, but I got away with using it for only 4 – 6 hours a day.

Q. What Were Your Results?

A.  With daily usage, I grew one half inch in 2 months using the SizeGenetics extender.  Read more below.

Q. Is the Shipping Discreet?

A.  Yes. When I received my SizeGenetics extender, the address listed on the package (which was delivered by DHL) said Lativio LLP. There was nothing on the package to indicate what was in it. Shipping is also free and you get your device in just a few days.

Q. Are The Results Permanent?

A.  From all indications, the results appear to be permanent. That being said, I believe every guy will respond differently to the treatment.

Q. Why is This Your #1 Extender?

A.  The main reason SizeGenetics is our #1 extender is simple: COMFORT. It is by far the most comfortable device on the market, and this is one of the main issues when comparing these products.

Q. If It Doesn’t Work, Can I Get A Refund?

A.  Yes. The company that manufactures SizeGenetics offers a 6 month iron clad guarantee that their p[product will work. The only condition is that you actually use the device for at least 120 days. I highly doubt that you will even need this guarantee, as I believe it works for everyone. On top of that, if it does work for you and you provide before and after photo proof, you will get your device completely free.

Q. I’m getting ready to buy a sizegentics device a month from now, I was wondering, can I use sizegentics and vigrx plus at the same time?

A.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I would recommend it.  The use of pills alone will not give you an increase in permanent size, but if you combine them with an extender, you should see great results.  Click here to see why you should combine an extender with pills.

Q. Any review on the straightening potential of this device? Size Genetics also advertises this as a safe alternative to surgical procedures but have not offered many ‘results’ for this area.

A.  There is some evidence that traction devices such as Size Genetics may help to treat peyronies disease, but there has been no conclusive evidence in the form of clinical studies.

Q. Does Size Genetics provides international shipping?

Yes, SizeGenetics does ship internationally to a host of countries.  As a matter of fact, There are only a handful of countries that they do not ship to, and they include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and a few others.

What Do You Get With The Sizegenetics System?

The Sizegenetics System comes complete with the following:

This system has been approved by doctors from around the world, and was also proven in a recent clinical study which was performed on men that have Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis).


See This Video From BBC’s Tim Shaw, Who Actually Used The Device

Reviews of Sizegenetics From Satisfied Users

There have been thousands of men that have used the sizegenetics device to help them grow size and girth, as well as fix their curved penises (peyronies disease). The best part about it is, should you choose to purchase the system and use it successfully, you can submit your own review and they will give you you’re money back for the device. Take a look at some of these testimonials below:

“After a short period of getting used to the sizegenetics device, I quickly found it easy to use and after just one month of wearing it (an average of 2-3 hours per day) I started to experience great results. Firstly I noticed that my erections were harder than they have ever been and that i had greater control during intercourse. I also gained about 0.5 inches and 0.3 inches in girth that month.”Richard, sizegenetics website reviews

“Ever since I could remember, I had a curved penis. It was so embarrassing, and really affected my relationships. I came across the sizegenetics device after reading about it in GQ magazine. I figured it was worth a shot. I used the device for about 2 months and got great results from it, so i just continued using it. After about 6 months, I had gone from a 40% curvature, to less than 10% as measured by my doctor. I couldn’t believe that i didn’t try this earlier.”Jeff, Michigan


Get A Free Size Genetics Device!Whether you are simply looking to fix a curved penis, or just want to gain a few inches, you have no doubt probably been convinced by now that Extenders are your best option.  Well, the makers of Size Genetics (see full review above) recently announced that they are willing to give you a FREE Size Genetics device in exchange for a picture testimonial from you.sizgenetics before and afterIt works very simply.  Just remember to take a BEFORE photo of your penis (next to a tape measure) before you get the device, and use it as directed for a few months.  Once you have experienced the REAL GAINS that you will get from it, then contact them to find out where to send the letter and AFTER photo (next to a tape measure).I have personally been browsing though the Size Genetics forum, and there are literally hundreds of guys kicking themselves in the ass because of this offer.  Their problem is, they never took a before size genetics photo, so they have no way to prove anything!  They have literally gained as much as 2 INCHES IN LENGTH and 1.5 inches in girth, but since they never took a before and after photo, they will never get their money back!The best part about this is you DO NOT have to submit a face photo, and you DO NOT have to provide your real name.  So, it still remains discreet, you still get a bigger penis, all while helping to prove to guys that were skeptical LIKE YOURSELF that SizeGenetics really does work, AND you get your $350 back!

My Personal Results From Using The Size Genetics Device

As you can probably imagine, the first time I saw this thing I was a little bit…concerned.  The thought of strapping what looked to be a medieval torture device to my schlong was not in my bucket list of things to do before I die.

However, I WAS looking for something that could substitute the various manual enlargement exercises I had been doing for the previous year or two.  I was reading up on some forums, trying to figure out which extender to get when I stumbled upon Size Genetics.

What set it apart, at least in my eyes, was it looked that MUCH more comfortable then some of the other one’s I had used in the past.  Most of the others I’ve used were made of poor quality construction, and didn’t come with a lot of comfort built in so to speak.

I opted for the Size Genetics comfort package, which came with extra foam comfort pieces, as well as a 3m advanced comfort plasters, and a 58 way comfort system.  This basically gives you 58 different ways to wear it…

Why is this important??  Well, despite the notion that all penises are built the same, the simple fact is NO 2 D$%ks are created equal…We all have very small, but distinct differences in the way our penis is shaped, curved, and even sized.

This is what stood out to me the most…

I got the device in the mail a few days later, and delivery was completely discreet.  There was nothing indicating on the package that I was ordering a penis extender, something that could be potentially embarrassing.

The first time I put it on I have to admit, I had a bit of trouble.  The video that it comes with is pretty clear on how to do it, but it’s a bit unnatural if you’ve never done it before.

Once I got it on a screwed the tension rods in place, I could feel the tugging / pulling sensation.  This is the essence of how Size Genetics works.

I wore the device around my house on a daily basis, and very rarely would I wear it when I was out running errands.  Typically I would wear it for about 4 – 6 hours a day, sometimes more sometimes less.

Generally speaking I was also wearing it 7 days a week, but some days were just not practical (i.e. weddings, a meeting, etc.)

After the first month I could definitely tell there was a difference.  I had gained just over a 1/4 of an inch, so I could see a noticeable difference.

I continued wearing it, and over the course of the next few months I would measure myself every 3 weeks or so.  One tip I want to give you is don’t measure every day, it will drive you insane.

Just like trying to lose weight, if you’re hopping on the scale expecting instant results, you’ll only walk away disappointed at the lack of results.

At the end of my six months of wearing the Size Genetics device, I was a solid 1.5 inches longer.  Keep in mind that I was very dedicated and focused to making this work, and these aren’t typical results for everyone.

If you stick with it though, you should DEFINITELY see the same (if not BETTER) results as I did.  Click Here to visit the official Size Genetics website.

Overall Review

We chose the sizegenetics system as our number 1 choice because of its durability, effectiveness, and results. However, the device is pretty much the same as the proextender and vimax system, other then the price, which falls in the middle at around $389. Their penis health enlargement exercise program is top notch, and you will see results in just a few months from using sizegenetics.

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Click Here To Visit The Official Size Genetics Website

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