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Products That Help To Treat Peyronies Disease

Products That Help To Treat Peyronie’s Disease  

Introduction and background 

In Peyronie’s disease, there is plaque, or hard lump formation on the penile erectile tissue (tissues that cause erection of the penis). Later on, inflammation may develop into a fibrous tissue of the penis. In most cases, the disorder resolves within a year and on its own. However, in severe and chronic cases lasting for several months, the plaque acquires a hard and tough form of fibrous tissue, and there can be some calcium deposition as well. In cases, when this plaque develops on both ends of the penis i.e.  Top and bottom, curvature and shortening of the penis may result leading to:

  • Painful erections and orgasms
  • Painful sexual intercourse because of the curved and short penis
  • Inability to enjoy the sexual act

Luckily, Peyronie’s disease is considered as a benign (non-cancerous) condition.

Cause of Peyronie’s disease 

Most clinicians and researchers are now of the opinion that Peyronie’s disease is often a result of a physical trauma or injury that results in bleeding inside the penile tissues. Attempts, however, have been unable to explain that why Peyronie’s disease does not develop immediately after the trauma and, instead, develops gradually, progressively and over the course of a time as a chronic disease and not as an acute condition.

Treatment of Peyronie’s disease 

The number one treatment objective in Peyronie’s disease is to keep men sexually potent and active. There are some cases where a person may not require any treatment at all as the disease resolves on its own within one year. However, in more severe and chronic cases, following treatment modalities are usually practiced and implied:

Oral vitamin E administration: Interestingly enough, regular administration of oral vitamin E has been found to have a corrective and preventive effect on the sufferers of Peyronie’s disease.

Medications: Some times, doctors and urologist’s prescribe the use of intra-penile injections of certain chemical substances into the plaques have been utilized in a small number of patients.

Radiotherapy: While radiation use can’t remove the plaque, it has been implied for pain relief. However, it is associated with high costs and increased risk of side effects.

Surgery: Surgical correction should be the last strategy when everything else fails. It should not be forgotten that surgery is associated with high risk of complications, side effects and greater hospitalization costs.


Penis extender’s – A safer, cheaper and better alternative to surgery

While relatively new, the use of penis extender’s is becoming more and more common and, in fact, replacing surgery for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease because of their safety, effectiveness and economical costs. Many experts classify the use of penile extender’s or stretchers as one of the “natural” methods available to enlarge the penile size (both in girth and length).

Most penis extender’s operate on the principle of traction which results in natural growth and multiplication of the cellular tissues of the penis. While currently there are many extender devices available in male enhancement industry, the following penis extender top the market and are scientifically backed and clinically endorsed:

Size Genetics: Widely considered as the market leader in the penis extender industry, Size Genetics extender’s are backed by authentic clinical trials in which they were found to prevent and treat Peyronie’s disease without any side effects. In addition, their regular use results in permanent penis enlargement at no additional cost. They come with 6-month money back guarantee and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

X4-Labs extender: Like Size Genetics, X4-Lab extender is also one of the leading brands of penis extender’s. Backed by several users’ testimonials and reviews, X4-Lab extender comes with a money back guarantee and at a very economical cost.


All in all, Peyronie’s disease represents a challenging treatment option both for the patient and the physicians. While several therapeutic options can be considered, the use of penis extender’s such as those of Size Genetics or X4-Lab is highly recommended and has shown a high rate of success. Furthermore, the utility of these penis extender’s for penile enlargement and correction of Peyronie’s disease is scientifically backed and clinically proven. Unlike surgery, there are no risk of complications after use and no hospitalization costs and times (staying) are involved.

Learn more about how extender’s work, or visit our top 3 extender’s page.

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