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Dave Walker Date: August 13, 2014 Male Enhancement 2 Comments on Activ OTC Strips

Formally known as Blue Steel, Activ OTC Strips are a very popular male
enhancement strip sold in local shops and is purportedly a very effective aphrodisiac. Our research indicates that the former product was recalled due to safety concerns about certain ingredients listed in it, and was subsequently replaced. There are not too many of these forms of supplements on the market, and the efficacy and effectiveness are not clearly understood. Throughout this review, we will try to determine through user feedback and results, as well as careful examination of the ingredients, whether or not this product truly works.


Activ OTC is a non prescription herbal remedy available over the counter in many local health food stores. It is manufactured and distributed by the makers of magna rx, another popular supplement found on the shelves of GNC.  It is a dissolvable tablet designed to be placed on the tongue about 1 hour before sex and, according to the manufacturer, starts working rapidly.

The basic idea of how it works is once the strip is placed on the tongue, the ingredients work there way through epithelial tissue on the tongue, then onto submucosal tissue, which eventually makes its way into the bloodstream.

Once the ingredients are fully digested, they work to increase heart rate, blood pressure, and the release of testosterone to produce a natural, self-sustaining orgasm. While there is not much clinical data to support this, it works in ways similar to that of a pill or comparative capsule.


There are several very potent ingredients listed in this product, many of which have been reported as natural sexual stimulants on their own. This list includes: Muira Puama, Smilax, Orchic Substance, Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba, L-Arginine, Korean Ginseng, Maca extract, and Pygeum Africanum.

Horny goat weed is a very popular aphrodisiac found in hundreds of male enhancement supplements, and it effectiveness has been proven in numerous clinical trials. Many well documented cases of epimedium therapy have been reported on various third party sites as well.

Reviews and User Feedback

Since this products inception, we have not received any user testimonials of activ otc, primarily due to the age of the supplement. We have found many other user results on various forums and discussion boards, many of which have provided very positive feedback from their experience with the product. Here is a snapshot of some of the testimonials we have come across:

“I used to take blue steel strips until they discontinued the product, but really liked the ease of just using a strip instead of popping a pill. There aren’t too many of these products on the market, and I wanted to stick with what works best. After taking an activ otc strip, I found my perfect companion. Never again will I be sleeping alone, that’s for sure!”
Tom, Chicago

“I have seen several of these products, and have even tried a couple. Most of them were just a waste of money, but this one actually worked the way they say it would. There were no bad side effects like i got from some of the other ones, mostly pills and creams. This one was just great.”
Matt, Los Angeles

Pricing and Availability

Currently, their are only a select amount of retailers that sell activ otc, most notably Amazon and It retails at an average price of about $18 for a one package supply, and can be taken daily. Some online companies even supply free shipping and a bonus order if you order in larger quantities.


We believe this product may produce significant results, when taken in moderation. IT is not clearly understood if you can take it with alcohol, but there is no data supporting otherwise. The strips are made with a cinnamon aftertaste, and are supposed to dissolve very quickly. The only concern we have is the comparison between activ OTC and its predecessor, blue steel strips. If they contain very similar ingredients, this product may be recalled or discontinued. We recommend you speak with a licensed physician before ingesting this product.

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