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Originally when I started this site, I planned on testing pretty much every male enhancement products out there, no matter what the cost or gadget. Initially I was very turned off by the thought of strapping an air based vacuum pump (or anything for that matter!) to my penis, mainly because I was concerned about their safety. I had heard plenty of horror stories on forums and blog posts about a wide variety of side effects, and figured it just wasn’t for me.

That all changed when one day about a year and a half ago a company sent me their version of a pump, but instead this time it was water based instead of air based.  I reluctantly agreed to try it out, and it totally changed my perception of pumps altogether.  So being the diligent penis enlargement guru, I decided to go out and start spending some money!  I purchased about 20 different penis pumps since then, and below are my top choices based on a wide variety of criteria, including:

Usability – How easy is it to use.

Results – How quickly and effectively can it produce results

Price – How expensive is it for the value and quality

User Reviews – I investigated feedback on numerous sites, forums, and blogs

Potential Side Effects – Found the least potential for side effects

Without further ado, I present to you my top 3 choices for water based Penis Pumps.

#1 – Bathmate Hydromax X30

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Bathmate is actually one of the original producers of water based penis pumps, and has been selling them for over 5 years.  There are tons of users on forums that have commended its effectiveness, and I can say with absolute certainty that the product works.

The Hydromax X30 version is similar in design to other pumps, and works in exactly the same manner. Users have reported gains of as much as 2 inches in length, and 1.5 inches in girth from using it for up to one year, and it was even featured on the Tosh.0 show!

Why Is The Hydromax X30 My #1 Choice?

I personally think that the quality of the Hydromax X30 is superior when stacked up against 99% of the other water based penis pumps out there. The price is a bit cheaper than that of the alternatives, and on top of that I personally think it works just as well if not better then the others.

By all means if you have the funds I would still go with the Penomet Premium, but this can get the job done as well.

One advantage that Bathmate has is their Goliath version, which is basically for the bigger guys out their (think 11“ +). So if you are a guy that is already that big but are looking to get bigger, than I would recommend you check out the Bathmate Goliath.

In summary, The Hydromax X30 is my #1 choice because:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It produces superior gains in length AND girth
  • It’s cheaper than the competition
  • It’s made from quality / reliable materials that don’t break
  • It rates very highly on numerous other sites
  • They have various other sizes that can accommodate men of various sizes
  • They offer a 60 day money back guarantee (Note: In order to qualify, you need to buy direct from their website.)

Visit the official site at, or…

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#2 – Penomet Premium

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The Penomet is actually relatively new to the scene, and I had purchased the full Premium edition, which comes with 5 gaiters (I’ll explain what they are in a bit), a comfort strap to use in the shower, a bottle of Gun Oil Shine, a 3 year warranty, and a 60 day money back guarantee.

How Does The Penomet Work? 

The way a Penomet works is fairly straightforward. You literally sit in a bathtub (easiest way) or stand in the shower, fill the reservoir with water, and insert your penis into the device and plant the end of the gaiter firmly against your pelvic area. Gradually, you pump the device up and down (sort of like wacking it, but with a big plastic tube), until the desired amount of pressure is achieved.

This gaiter pressure is what’s responsible for drawing blood into the penile chambers, specifically the corpora cavernosa, the 2 main tubes that fill with blood during erection. The 5 different gaiters basically have a different level of pressure, going from least pressure to greatest pressure. You leave the pump on for about 3 or 4 minutes, and then at the top of the device there is a release valve that lets the water out. You then repeat the process again for up to 20 min.

Why Is The Penomet Your #2 Choice?

You’ll notice in my reviews of the other water based pumps, they pretty much work exactly the same way. In fact, the differences are so subtle that it ultimately doesn’t even matter which one you order. HOWEVER, I personally think the Penomet is superior to many other extenders for a few specific reasons:

  • Premium version comes with 5 different gaiters. This will help out the novice user because it will gradually ease you into a stronger vacuum pressure, pretty much eliminating any chance for side effects.
  • Comfort Strap For Shower – I personally think that the comfort strap for the shower stays on more snug then the one that comes with the Hydromax X30. This has come in handy because I can go about my normal shower routine while wearing the Penomet for up to 20 min.
  • CE Marking – The Penomet is literally the only penis pump in existence to have the CE marking, which basically means that it meets the compliance requirements of EU legislation. That doesn’t mean much to us Yanks, but it is a huge deal over in Europe.

4.)    The gaiters are more comfortable on the pelvic region.

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#3 Post-T-Vac

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PostVac is actually heavily promoted on infomercials (in the west coast for some reason), and is the only pump on our list that is not water based.  Originally when I heard about it I was a bit skeptical, but ,a lot of the reviews were saying “go for it” so I decided to give it a try.

How Does The Post T Vac Work?

The specific version is called the Erec-Tech, and basically it uses the same principle of vacuum suction to draw blood into the penis, creating an erection.  HOWEVER, you insert what is called a “Tension Ring” (often called a penis ring) to the base of the penis, which literally “traps” the blood from leaving the penis.

This trapped blood leaves you with a sustained erection, and you then take the device off and your ready for sex.  In this regard, it’s actually more of an ED treatment rather than a enlargement device, and can actually becovered by your health insurance.

Why Is Pos-T-Vac Your 3rd Choice?

We chose this as our 3rd choice mainly because it is an air based pump system which I was never a big fan of.  As noted above, it’s also primarily geared towards men with ED issues, not looking to gain size.  That being said, you can use the Penomet Premium, as well as the Hydromax X30 with a “Tension Ring” to get basically the same outcome.

If you’re looking for something to help you out temporarily in the bedroom, then this is it.

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