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PosTvac Review

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postvac systemPosTvac Review

I have actually never used a penis pump, for many reasons. For one, I have heard alot of horror stories from men who have used products like PosTvac having serious side effects from it. Secondly, the thought of strapping a vacuum to my penis just does not sound very appealing. When I originally found Postvac, I was a little sceptical that a device like this could even work, and learned that vacuum therapy can actually be quite dangerous. The Postvac system is supposed to eliminate any potential problems that are associated with using a vaccum system, and I decided to look into the therapy more to see how, and if, it works.

What is the PosTvac?

PosTvac is actually a company that manufactures a wide variety of penile lengthening devices, and has been doing so for quite sometime now. The majority of their systems are vacuum devices, that rest firmly over the penis and create a gentle stretching motion which is supposed to lengthen the penis over time.

The actual PosTvac system works quite simply.  You strap the device onto your penis, and it creates a sucking motion which causing blood to flow into the penis.  Once a full erection is achieved, you take a ring and wrap it around the base of the penis to “keep” the erection from subsiding.  This is supposed to help hold an erection for at least 30 minutes.

This battery operated system is actually quite cheap when compared to devices similar to it, like Size Genetics and the Proextender device, modestly priced at around $175. You can find it for sale on numerous online sites such as Ebay and Amazon, but it does not appear to be sold in stores. What’s even weirder is that there are alot of very small vendors that sell PosTvac on their sites, but when you get there it seems to be a product that isn’t exactly the same thing.

PosTvac Reviews

The testimonials on the PosTvac official site are of course positive, but we wanted to see what other guys were saying about it. There is alot of chatter on numerous forums talking about mens experiences with the PosTvac therapy system. Product reviews are mixed, and it seems like the majority of users had a significant improvement in their erections from it.

What guys said they liked most about PosTvac was its ease of use, and results, although some did say they experienced minor side effects from it. Some also had problems with the Ring, in general, not being able to put it on safely.

Where To Buy PosTvac?

Your best bet when buying any vacuum system such as PosTvac is to buy it direct from the maufacturer, which is waht we always recommend. You can find it on Ebay, but some guys have said that they received the wrong product. One advantage to the PosTvac system is that it may actually be covered by your insurance carrier. If you don’t want to go through the embarrasement of trying to find out if your insurance provider will cover it, the manufacturer will actually cover it for you. You obviously need to have a doctor diagnose you with Erectile Dysfunction to have it covered.

PosTvac Recommendation

Vacuum therapies have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market, and the PosTvac system seems to have some merit to it. The main disadvantage to using the Vacuum is that you need to strap it on, run it, and then strap a ring onto the base of your penis. Not exactly the most convenient thing in the heat of the moment.

I could see the PosTvac system being used by couples in a long term relationship, but can you really see a guy that just started dating a girl saying “hey, give me about 20 minutes to get erect, and then we will get down to business”? Overall, I think it is a good product that can produce results, but there are better alternatives out there.

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