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Dave Walker Date: June 27, 2014 Semen Pills No Comments on Semen Pills Comparison
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ProductVolume PillsSemenaxVimax
User ReviewsRated #1
Rated #2
Rated #3
EnhancementSignificantMuch ImprovedSignificant

Sperm Volume
Much ImprovedImprovedNormal

Sperm Quality
Much ImprovedMuch ImprovedImproved

Significant ControlBetter ControlImproved

Start Seeing Results
Within 20 DaysAs Little As 7 daysWithin 1 month
Orgasm Quality
ExcellentExcellentV. Good

Very High QualityHigh QualityHigh Quality

Product Guarantee
6 Months60 Days60 Days
Return Policy
Opened or UnopenedOpened/UnopenedOpened or Unopened

FREE for Large OrdersFREE for large ordersFREE for larger orders

6 Month Supply
$41.66 /box$48.32 /bottle$33.56 /bottle

1 Year Supply
$29.00 /box$33.32 /bottle$33.56 /bottle

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See A  Quick Snapshot of These 3 Semen Supplements

How Do Semen Pills Work?

How did We Rate These Products?

Through our research, we chose the top 3 semen enhancing products based on a variety of criteria. First, we looked at the overall ingredients and potency of each product, and studied their physical characteristics. We then evaluated customer feedback from a wide variety of sources, including the products website, independent third party testimonials, and reviews from other sites.

We also ranked them based on the price and value of each product, as well as the bonuses given when purchasing the product. In addition, the amount of time it took for customers to experience favorable results was also factored into our equation.

How Do I Decide Which One Is Best For Me?

While every man is different, and subsequently will respond differently to any supplement, we believe that each of these products are of the highest quality and potency. Choosing the one that is best for you is dependent on a variety of factors, including price, product guarantee, shipping options, ingredients, and how long you want to wait until receiving optimum results.

Should you choose any of these semen producing products, keep in mind that results do take time, and the majority of users experienced the best results after using for a period of 6 months.

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