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How To Increase Sperm Volume Count

How To Increase Sperm Volume Count

increase sperm volumeIt’s a fact of many men’s lives that the ability to produce rock hard erections and explode in an orgasm of cum is something they believe is only true in porn movies. Many men suffer from a lack of sperm quantity and quality, but feel there is nothing they can do about it. We’re here to tell you there are ways to help increase your sperm volume naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic drugs. Read more about the causes of low sperm count, and what you can do to increase the overall volume of your ejaculations.

You Are What You Eat!

What we put into our bodies, or more specifically, what we don’t put into our bodies, is directly proportionate to the amount of sperm we produce naturally. When we eat fatty foods like cheeseburger’s, pizza, or buffalo wings, we gain weight, plain and simple. When fat accumulates on the testicles, which is where sperm is produced, it puts a damper on the production of volume that occurs. Simple changes in diet, and a little bit of exercise, is one of the fastest ways you will see and increase in your overall sperm count.

Before You Pick up That Drink…

drinking kills spermNot only does alcohol affect your ability to function sexually, it also has been proven in recent clinical studies to lower your overall sperm volume count. Studies by leading researchers actually concluded that by ingesting alcohol up to 24 hours prior to sexual activity actually resulted in a 40% reduction in the ability to produce sperm.

In addition, since most drinkers tend to be smokers (well, not everyone), it was also noted that smoking can be one of the leading causes of infertility, and can ACTUALLY result in birth defects, even if the male is a smoker! This also goes for all of you that, uh hmmmm, experiment with psychoactive drugs or depressants (read marijuana) So before you pick up that drink or light up again, you may want to think twice if you’re thinking about having kids.

There has To Be Other Causes, Right?

Of course there is! There are a number of different reasons why you might have a low sperm volume count, and its not limited to what we mentioned above. Everything from obesity to infection of the urinary tract and reproductive system can lower your sperm count. What you truly need to do is speak to a medical professional to learn why you cannot cum like you used to, and get your sexual libido back on track. That is, of course, that you truly care about having more semen for your partner.

Doc, There Has To Be A Cure, Right?

Having a low sperm count is not the end of the world, so to speak, but it could be the end of your sex life. If that matters to you, you should take a look some of the all natural products out their that truly work to enhance your sperm count naturally.

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