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Premature Ejaculation Product Comparison

Top Premature Ejaculation Products Compared

Through testing of various premature ejaculation products, we have narrowed down our choices for the top ones that produce real results. This list was not chosed easily, as many of the products we came across had many similarities to each other. However, when tested independently, there were clear differences between them.

We recommend that you order a 4-6 month supply of any of the products listed below. This is to help determine if the product is right for you, as many of them take several months to see the best results. Also, be sure to take advantage of any of the product guarantees that are offered, as well as any free bonuses or shipping that is offered.

Side-By-Side Comparison – Premature Ejaculation Products


Snapshot Comparison                 

ProductProsolution PlusNaturomaxEnlast
User ReviewsRated #1
Rated #2
Rated #3
Orgasm ControlExtremely ImprovedImproved moderatelySignificant

Sexual Stamina
Much ImprovedMuch ImprovedImproved

Pre – Ejaculation Control
Significant ControlBetter ControlImproved

# of Years in Business
9 years11 years11 years

ExcellentExcellentV. Good

Very High QualityHigh QualityHigh Quality

Product Guarantee
67 Days60 Days90 Days

Return Policy
Opened or UnopenedOpened/UnopenedOpened or Unopened

FREE with purchase of 5+ boxesFREE with purchase of 3+ bottlesNOT FREE

6 Month Supply
$64.16 /box$44.65 /bottle$24.99 /bottle

1 Year Supply
$40.75 /boxN/AN/A

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Do Premature Ejaculation Supplements Really Work?

These premature ejaculation products were evaluated on a wide variety of criteria, and were “put under the microscope” to be sure we were presenting you with the most effective ones available. All of these products have been deemed safe by our evaluation team, but of course you should always check with your doctor to be sure you are healthy enough to take all natural supplements such as these.

What makes us different is that we ACTUALLY TEST THESE  PRODUCTS OUT ourselves, to be completely 100% sure that they will work. 99% of the other review sites that you will come across in your search for products simply DO NOT DO THIS!  If it doesn’t work, we don’t recommend it, period. We know that these products work because we actually use them!

That being said, every male will respond different to treatment therapies such as these. Some guys will have fantastic results from a certain product, and then get absolutely nothing out of another one, and vice versa. We make every effort to find premature ejaculation products that will work for the greater majority of men.

Learn About The Causes of Premature Ejaculation

How Do Premature Ejaculation Supplements

There are 2 different popular alternative therapies that are in use for helping men with premature ejaculation today, pills and creams. It is generally accepted by many leading men’s health practitioners that a physical cause of PE is low levels of Serotonin in the brain. Since this is the case, many physicians will prescribe an SSRI (anti-depressant) to help regulate serotonin levels, and help to alleviate the problem.


We do not advocate the use of pharmacuetical type drugs such as SSRI’s on this site, because we are not doctors, and are not qualified to give out information like this. However, there are several all natural ingredients (which are found in the products listed above) that have shown great promise in regulating natural serotonin levels.

Many of these supplements also contain herbal ingredients that help with blood circulation, lessen anxiety, and can improve your mood dramatically.  Prosolution Plus is a great example of a product that contains quality all natural ingredients that contain many of these benefits.

Creams, Gels, and Ointments

Creams, gels, and ointments on the other hand, work to desensitize the nerve endings in the penis, and area applied topically and absorbed trasndermally (through the skin). The majority of creams that we have tried have been nothing than a good masturbation cream, but we have found that some, like Enlast, actually do work when used as directed and for a period of a few months.

Some products, like Acatacaine, use the anesethetic “lidocaine” which is commonly used in your friendly dentists office. The problem with products that contain Lidocaine is that they can almost work too good, causing a complete numbing of the penis during sex.

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If you have used any of these supplements in the past and would like to share your story, we would love for you to leave us your review. Alternatively, if you have any question as to why we
chose these products, or any other questions, we invite you to email us.

*none of these products have been endorsed or studied by the FDA, as they don’t have to be because they are all natural.  If you are concerned about product efficacy or safety, you should contact your doctor and refer all product specific questions directly to the manufacturer.

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