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BETTER SEX GUIDE: Sperm Enhancement

What if I told you that you can increase sperm count naturally, leading to more sexual

With rare exception, men are always looking for ways to improve their “performance” in bed and increase sexual pleasure.  This can be accomplished, naturally, by making simple changes to your daily life.  Here is a list of 5 specific ways you can get on the right track towards having longer-lasting sex:

  1.  Stop smoking and put down the bottle.  Excessive drinking and smoking is a great way to decrease sperm count.  Unfortunately, low sperm counts are not conducive to pleasurable sexual experiences.  You can still crack open a few adult beverages at your local watering hole on the weekend, but not on a daily basis.  If you locate a beautiful woman at said establishment that wants you to prove your sexual prowess to her, you will fail miserably if you are a regular drinker.  Women love it when men ejaculate in large quantities, but drinking excessively may prevent you from doing so.
  2. Hit the gym.  You should be exercising regularly anyway if you care at all about your health.
    Quantity of sperm counts can be directly affected by the amount of exercise you get.
  3. Eat a healthy diet.  Much like exercising, you should be eating a healthy diet for reasons other than just producing higher sperm counts.  Stop eating spicy food, fast food, fatty food, and junk food.  Foods that are high in protein are excellent for your sperm  quality.  Not only can it help lead towards a higher sperm count, it can also lead towards better tasting semen.  Don’t make your significant other gag.
  4. Don’t become a habitual masturbator.  Mix in some intercourse as often as you are pleasing yourself.  That’s not to say masturbating is bad for your sperm counts, but do it in moderation.  The more you ejaculate, the less dense your semen will be.  Once a day or once every other day of pulling out your favorite nudie magazine never hurt sperm production.  Regular, consecutive ejaculations have.  So give your hand a rest and please your woman instead.
  5. Give sperm enhancement supplements a shot.  This is, perhaps, the most effective way of increasing your sperm count.  Plus, sperm enhancement pills will increase your libido- which improves the pleasure from orgasms.

A mixture of the above methods should become a part of your daily life.  While they are all important, you cannot expect to increase sperm counts if you fail to focus on each of them- especially sperm enhancement supplements.

How effective are sperm enhancement supplements?

They are unquestionably effective.  This is backed up by the thousands of men out there that have had success in increasing their sperm counts and intensity of orgasms by regularly taking these pills.  If you are  one of the millions of men out there seeking a more pleasurable sexual experience, it is crucial to finding the right supplement.  Just don’t forget to incorporate the other four methods into your daily routine as well.

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