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x4 labs real reviewX4 Labs Official Review

I have been getting questions almost every week about how X4 labs compares to some of the top extender devices on our site, and I finally got around to ordering one a few weeks ago.

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How Does It Work?
Frequently Asked Questions
My Personal Results
X4 Labs Peyronies Edition

For those of you who don’t know, X4 Labs is a penis enlargement extender which has gained some ground in recent years as being not only safe, but effective. For the purposes of this review, we will explain how the X4 Labs device works, what it comes with, what users are saying about it, our test results, and more.

What Is The X4 Labs Extender?

Distributed by a Canadian company, the X4 Labs Extender is a penis traction device designed to quickly, and permanently, grow the size of a man’s penis. The penis traction therapy is not new, and is actually very common in Europe and North America as an all natural alternative to surgery. The X4 Labs extender has been on the market for about 10 years now, and has quickly gained a good reputation throughout the industry.

Why X4 Labs is One Of Our Top Choices

We have seen dozens of these penis traction devices, and had a chance to personally test out many of them. Some of them were built with horrible materials and quality, and they didn’t last very long.

When it comes to extender’s – they might seem similar, but comfort is the main criteria if you want to see fast results. The simple truth is, if the extender is not comfortable, you will not want to wear it, period.

It’s All About Comfort

The X4 Labs Extender is one of the most comfortable extender devices available today so it is very easy to wear for long periods of time.  It is very comparable to the Size Genetics Extender, of which I wore for a full 2 months, and gained a half inch in length and girth.  The only issue with the SizeGenetics extender is that they provide you with TOO MANY Options when it comes to comfort.  It takes awhile for you to figure out which comfort combination will be right for you.

X4 Labs Gold Premium is different for a wide variety of reasons, namely:

  • It’s Quality Materials and Design
  • One of the Most Comfortable Devices I have ever worn
  • Revolutionary 4 in 1 System, Fits All Shapes and Sizes
  • Clinically Proven To Increase Penis Size By Up To 33%
  • CE Certified
  • Fast, Discreet Shipping
  • 6 Month Guarantee
  • Has Been Featured on TV and News Articles Worldwide
  • Doctor Endorsements and Testimonials
  • Cheaper Than The Competition
  • Cleaning Kit – Others Don’t Come With This
  • Includes Bonus DVD’s
    • Penis Access Advanced Exercise DVD
    • Erotic Sex Positions
    • Seductive Sex Positions

How Does The X4 Labs Extender Work?

Based on a technique that has been used for centuries, the X4 Labs Extender promises to help men gain size (length and girth) in their penis through a unique stretching system. The way it works is quite simple; You strap the device onto your penis, and “tighten” it so that it provides stretching (or traction) to the head of the penis, pulling it away from your groin area.

The way you wear the device is demonstrated (with a Banana) of how the device looks when it is on your penis. This example shows the comfort strap in use:

how x4 labs device is worn

What Comes With The X4 Labs Extender?

There are numerous additions and parts that come with the X4 Labs extender, and we will give you graphical, as well as written descriptions of each piece.

X4 Labs Extender

x4 labs penile extenderThis is what the actual device looks like when put together in its most basic form. As you can see from the image, there are three main components for the device. To the left of the photo, there is what’s called the Base Ring. The head of the penis goes through this hole, from left to right, towards what’s called the “Front Head Piece”.

Once the penis head is at the front head piece, the rubber strap is tightened just behind the head of the penis, securing the device. The “Elongation Bars” are then rotated counter clockwise (as viewed from the front of the device), causing the stretching to commence. You basically stretch to feel a slight tug, and no more.

Comfort Straps and Accessories

x4 labs comfort strapsThis is what makes the X4 Labs Extender so comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. While many extender’s just come with a front head piece (which is made of a hard plastic), these memory foam comfort pads are designed to rest in between the penis head and the front head piece, making it feel very comfortable. Almost to the point where you don’t even realize it’s there.

The long ones you see on the sides and on top are designed to cover the plastic tube portion of the system, as demonstrated resting long ways across the picture.

X4 Labs Written and DVD Instruction Manual and Case

x4 labs dvd instructionsObviously, the X4 Labs device comes complete with a written instruction manual, as well as a DVD outlining the various ways the device can be worn. Not only will you learn how to use the Silicone Tube Support, but there are also directions on how to use the comfort strap and the customizable Loop Fastener.

The case for the X4 Labs system is a solid leather box which has felt lining on the inside. It also contains several extra pieces of equipment, including an extra base ring, several extra front head pieces, as well as alcohol wipes to clean the device after usage. There are also additional tension bars, for men of various sizes.

Bonus DVD’s

x4 labs bonusesRounding out the complete package are 3 bonus DVD’s that will not only help increase your size, but also help you have a better love life. The penis enlargement exercises guide is excellent, and provides video demonstrations of actual techniques that you can use when you are not using your device to keep gaining size.

It also gives you information on how to properly measure your length and girth, includes an exercise chart, and a free ebook.

Also included in the bonus DVD’s are Erotic Sex Positions and Seductive Sex Positions. Were pretty sure you can figure out what is contained on these DVD’s, but just to touch on it, the techniques in here are mind blowing and can really take your sex to the next level.

Commonly Asked Questions About The X4 Labs Extender

Does The X4 Labs Extender Hurt?

At first glance, you may think that the idea of strapping on an extender like X4 Labs might hurt, but nothing could be further from the truth. The X4 Labs Extender is specifically designed to be COMFORTABLE and EFFECTIVE, and there are numerous pads and comfort straps that are used in conjunction with the system.

How Long Do I Have To Wear The X4 Labs Extender?

It is designed to be worn for about 6 hours a day, for about 6 months, to get the best results. I have spoken with some guys that have worn them for longer, and some that have worn them for shorter, so the answer really depends on your personal preference. Some guys have even told me that they have worn it at night, but we don’t recommend it because you experience several erections (nocturnal erections) throughout the night, which could interfere with the systems design.

Can I Wear The X4 Labs Extender Under My Clothing?

The X4 Labs extender was designed specifically to be worn comfortably under clothing, so nobody will know you are wearing one. It works by tugging down on the penis towards your feet, NOT OUTWARD, so in short it doesn’t make you look like you have a boner.

Do I Have To Do Exercises Like Jelquing Or Is Wearing The Extender Enough?

While the X4 Labs extender does come with an enlargement exercise DVD, it is NOT NECESSARY to perform enlargement exercises by hand if you are using the device daily. The DVD is meant for use on days (or periods of time) that you cannot wear the device.

Can I Use The X4 Labs Extender If I Am Uncircumcised?

Yes, you can most certainly use the X4 Labs extender if you are uncircumcised. All you really need to do is pull back the skin surrounding the head of your penis, and place the front head piece behind the head.

Our Results and Potential Results

Based on clinical research conducted by the manufacturer as well as outside research conducted by us, it has been noted that men can achieve gains of up to 40% in as little as 6 months. It is actually one of the only methods, short of surgery that is not only doctor approved and recommended, but also has been shown in numerous lab results.

A member of our staff wore the X4 labs device for a period of 2 months, 6 hours a day, and saw a gain of 1 full inch in length, as well as 1 inch in girth. The subject noted that, when compared to other extender’s such as the Vimax extender and Pro Extender, it was more comfortable to wear and felt like it was pulling stronger.

The only downside to the X4 Labs extender was the fact that it DID NOT come with a non slip grip. It was reported that every once in awhile the tension on the device was enough to cause the front head piece to “slip off”, causing our researcher to have to reset the device. This is not always easy to do if you are at work or somewhere public. It does not happen that often, but the occurrence happened more than once.

Check out this chart below to see how users faired with regular usage of the X4 Labs Device:

x4 labs results

Treatment of Peyronies Disease

A lesser known use of the X4 Labs extender is for the treatment of Peyronies disease. Peyronies disease can cause an unnatural bending of the penis, and up until the advent of traction devices, could only be helped through surgery.

However, traction devices such as the X4 Labs Peyronies Edition extender have been shown to help correct curvature between 75 and 99%. This particular version helps to break down the fibrous plaque buildup that causes peyronies and also contains a powerful Vitamin E Boost to aid in the process.


Through our own personal testing, as well as a careful analysis of user results and clinical studies, we believe that regular use of the X4 Labs extender can produce great results. It is still quite expensive when compared to other extender’s, but not as high priced as some of them. The combination of quality materials and design, as well as the addition of great bonuses and free shipping, make this an easy product to recommend. The primary reason why we recommend the X4 Labs Extender is that we feel it is one of the most comfortable devices on the market.

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