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Should You Combine An Extender With Pills?

Should You Combine A Penis Extender With Pills?

An evidence-based approach

Almost everyday, I get men asking me whether or not they should combine an extender device with male enhancement pills.  And almost everyday, I tell them that adding a supplement to any exercise regiment usually results in quicker results.  But, is it absolutely neccessary to do so?

This is kind of a difficult question to answer, and depends on various factors.  Do you want to enlarge your “penis” or are you just looking for a quick, yet short term solution to your erectile dysfunction problem? This is where you really need to differentiate between the key concepts of “penis enlargement” and “penis engorgement”.

Enlargement versus Engorgement 

 S.No.  Enlargement 


1The word literally means a scaled or measured (proportionate) increase in sizeThe word literally means “distended or swollen”.
2It refers to the “long term or permanent” enlargement in both thickness and length of the penis.It refers to the “short term or temporary” increase in both thickness and length of the penis.


It occurs due to various mechanisms such as traction (in case of extenders) and cell multiplication (in case of penis exercises).It occurs due to the temporary increase in the blood flow towards and inside the penis.
4It usually occurs during both “erected and flaccid” states of the penis i.e. size will increase when penis is in erection condition or even in “flaccid” state.It usually occurs only during “erected” state of the penis i.e. size will increase only when penis is in erection condition.
5Examples: Permanent enlargement seen after the use of traction-based penis extenders or stretchers such as those of Size Genetics and X4 Labs extender. Examples: Temporary enlargement seen during and after the use of penis pills (whether herbal or medical) and vacuum pumps or patches.
6Results are seen slowly, gradually, within few weeks to month and then do not subside but stay foreverResults are seen quickly, within minutes, stay for few hours and then subside soon, usually within a day.
7It is permanent.It is temporary.


Hence, it is clear from the above side-by-side comparison that penis “enhancement” pills are needed for quick and short term engorgement and penis extenders, on the other hand, are needed to achieve permanent enlargement results. Based on a variety of surveys, statistics and research, the key effects produced by both methods can be summarized as follows:

Penis enhancement pills can be used for a variety of purposes

In majority of cases, penis enhancement pills (whether herbal or medical / allopathic) can be used to address or treat a variety of male sexual health related disorders of conditions including male impotency (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation, low or complete loss of libido, reduced sperm count or decreased quantity of semen, anorgasmia (a condition characterized by lack of orgasms), or compromised sexual pleasure and or performance during sexual intercourse.

Penis extenders are used for a specific purpose (enlargement)

While, indirectly, penis extenders or stretchers can lead to improvement in male sexual function, performance and erectile capacity, their primary effect is to cause permanent penile enlargement. This is the only effect that has been scientifically and clinically proved and endorsed by a number of doctors and sexperts.

There are no credible or authentic studies that would actually support the role or use of any of the penis extending devices for the treatment of premature ejaculation, low libido or erectile dysfunction.

Why combine penis pills with extenders?

Based on the above discussion, it is quite evident that to achieve the “best of both worlds” i.e. treat or address common issues such as impotency, loss of libido and premature ejaculation, it is essential to use pills. However, on the other hand, to enlarge your penis permanently and by natural methods, you will need to use either penis exercises or penis extenders.

Therefore, to achieve a “synergistic” combined effect that is not only faster and quicker but safer too, one will need to combine the use of pills with the regular and daily use of penis extenders. Such combined usage is expected to yield the following results:

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