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PreWrek Overview

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If you’ve spent any time searching for a great pre-workout supplement, you’ve probably found, like I have, that different things appeal to different people.  Allow me to explain.  One guy can be head over heels in love with his choice, attributing to it all sorts of outlandish benefits up to and including putting jelly on his toast.  But some other guy may think the very same supplement is the worst thing he’s ever tried, going so far perhaps as to believe that his arch enemy created it just to piss him off.

Okay so these are exaggerations, but you get the idea.  When it comes to reworkouts, opinions definitely vary.  Take PreWrek by Swole Sports Nutrition.  For this, the main point of contention surrounds the amount of energy it provides.  Some say it’s perfect and clean, with no crash.  Some say they felt nothing energy-wise.  And some say it sent them bouncing off the walls until they crashed to the floor in a heap.  This is why we go further than just looking what other guys say.  We did deeper for real, objective answers.

How PreWrek Works PreWrek Review

PreWrek puts the focus on providing both physical and mental energy, as well as all other aspects of improving your workout efficiency and results.  In addition to the energy, you’ll get superior pumps and vascularity and great muscle endurance.

It comes in two flavors – Green Apple and Fruit Punch.  Word is that the taste is good to great, with more people liking the Green Apple than the Punch.  A common comment is that it tastes like a Jolly Rancher.

You should mix one scoop with a glass of water and drink it about half and hour to 45 minutes before training.

PreWrek Ingredients

The PreWrek formula is divided into a few matrices:

  • The PreWrek Pump Matrix includes Beta Alanine, two kinds of L-Argnine for increased nitric oxide production, and Caffeine for the energy and metabolism boost, and Raspberry Ketones for their antioxidant protection.
  • The Swole Muscle Matrix includes Creatine Monohydrate and selected amino acids for building solid muscle mass.
  • Chromium is also added for its fat burning

Benefits of PreWrek

  • It tastes good.  Never discount this benefit.  If it tastes like ass (and some of them do), you won’t use it.
  • It’s relatively affordable at 50 servings for $55.
  • Most of the many PreWrek reviews we saw were favorable.

Drawbacks of PreWrek

  • There’s no money back guarantee.
  • Some people don’t find the energy component to be right for them.

Where to Buy

You can pick up PreWrek at GNC, or you can order it online through Swole or other bodybuilding supplement retailers.  The 50 serving container sells for $54.99 at the Swole website and $35.99 at GNC’s website, so definitely look around for your best deal.


You can get PreWrek for a very reasonable price, and there are plenty of good reviews for the stuff.  That’s makes it a good product to try as you continue your search for your bets pre-workout supplement.

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