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112 Degrees Review

Dave Walker Date: August 26, 2014 Male Enhancement

112 Degrees Overview

It’s a great catch phrase.  “112 Degrees.  A New Angle on Male Sexual Health.”  Without hype or much fanfare, Life Span Labs manufactures and delivers new dietary approach to male sexual health.  Claiming to use a formula developed through over 2 years of research by scientists and licensed naturopathic physicians, 112 Degrees is takes the far too often overlooked approach of marketing itself with intelligence and composure.  The market they intend to reach is somewhat older men who feel they’ve lost some of their former prowess, and would like to regain it as well as the confidence that comes along with it.

How 112 Degrees Works

There are three mechanism as work in 112 Degrees.  The first is a boost in erectile function.  This is accomplished the only way it can be – by increasing the flow of  blood to the penis during the arousal phase of sexual activity. The second is an increase in vitality and

desire.  The stronger and more virile you’re feeling, the more engaged you’ll be in the act itself.  And the third is confidence.  This is what pulls it all together and allows you to approach each encounter with the knowledge that you will perform better than she  expects.

112 Degrees Ingredients

The 112 Degrees website lists the ingredients that make up the formula, though some of the amounts are proprietary.  Their goal in creating 112 Degrees was to use the highest quality natural ingredients available to improve male sexual health on all possible levels.

  • Butea Superba Root is said to increase sexual vigor
  • Tribulus Terrestris increases the amount of testosterone produced naturally by your body.  The result is less fatigue and  improved libido.
  • Pueraria Mirifica Root improves circulation throughout your body and  increases the amount of energy you have to expend.
  • Acai Fruit is an antioxidant that can also protect the health of your arteries.
  • Asian Ginseng Root Extract improves stamina while it revitalizes the body.
  • L-Tyrosine helps maintain normal range hormone levels while increasing energy.
  • It also contains several essential vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitain B6, Calcium, and Zinc for an improvement in overall health.

The recommended dose is 2 tablets per day with a full glass of water.  You are cautioned against taking more than two pills in any one day, and you should expect results after about 4 weeks of continual use.

Benefits of 112 Degrees

·        The website is user friendly and informative.

·        The marketing tone is low key and intelligent.

·        The ingredients are listed.

·        There is a money back guarantee.

·        The ingredients are all natural.

·        Discounts are offered for bulk purchases.

Drawbacks of 112 Degrees

  • It’s a little on the expensive side.
  • Other than testimonials on the official website, we found no 112 Degrees reviews from actual customers.  Not having access to these makes it hard to know what kind of results people are really getting.
  • There is no L-Arginine in the formula.

Where to Buy

112 Degrees is available through the product website, and you can also purchase it at Life Span’s website.   A one month supply retails for $59.95, but if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get one free.  They also have a monthly shipping program you can choose to use, and this would save you even more money.


We really like the professional and low key way that 112 Degrees is marketed.  It definitely makes it stand out in the sea of crass talk and half-naked women.  It makes this product appear more credible, but truthfully in the end, what matters is whether or not something works.  112 Degrees has the potential to work, but without real reviews, we’re just not sure. If you’re so inclined though, we’d say go for it, and know that you’re protected by the money back guarantee of a reputable company.

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