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RezzRx Overview

rezzrx reviewThere are countless supplements that we come across that claim they are the leading male enhancement product in their class, and many of these claims are not backed by any physical, medical, or social proof. We reviewed RezzRx because it claims to be the #1 sexual enhancer on the market, out selling those such as vigrx plus, longinexx, and other top pills. We explored various third party sites to give you an independent and exclusive review of the effectiveness and results of this supplement from actual users. What follows is our exclusive review of this pill, and everything there is to know about it.

RezzRx Review Summary

RezzRx is a herbal supplement taken shortly before sex to give you an additional boost of sexual power. According to the official website, it is designed to work about 30 – 60 minutes after taking, and will last up to 36 hours. They also claim that you will experience significantly reduced recovery times, in some cases as little as 5 minutes. You recovery time is the amount of time in-between erections which allows for an heightened sense of sexual activity.

This product retails for an average of $49.80 for a 20 count bottle, which is shipped direct from the manufacturer. We could not find RezzRx for sale on any independent third party sites such as amazon or Their is a special limited time only trial package available for 4 British pounds. We placed an order for this sample on 2/24/2011 and should be receiving our trial in the mail within 2 weeks. Once we have experimented with the product, we will display our results on youtube and on this site.

Information, Side Effects, and User Results

There is plenty of information about RezzRx listed on its primary website, including a thorough description of how it works. Like most other natural homeopathic remedies, it is clearly designed to help improve sexual function by increases testosterone and nitric oxide levels in the body. By doing this, it purportedly works by increasing blood flow to the penis, enhancing the sensual feelings you have during sex.

This product contains yohimbe extract, which has been a staple in the male aphrodisiac industry for decades. There has been recent speculation by both the FDA and other consumer groups that yohimbe can actually be bad for you when given in quantities larger than 5 mg. We have experimented with this extract and received some unfavorable side effects. Read this statement issued by the FDA concerning Yohimbe and its potential side effects.

Based on user feedback, there were plenty of positive experiences from taking this pill. Whether or not this was due to rezzrx containing suitable ingredients such as horny goat weed, catuaba bark, epimedium, and maca, or the pure fact that it contains Yohimbe which is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs around, it definitely seems to work for most.

Actual Customer Reviews

“this stuff really does work. I generally felt a little flushed and very light nausea, but the effects were great. My erection was harder than ever and my recovery time was cut down to about 10 minutes. I felt like i could go all night long.”

“i have tried many different male supplements, and many have left me scratching my head as to whether or not i was taking a sugar pill. I had tried products like prolatis, which worked very well, but was subsequently banned by the FDA. Looking for an alternative, I came across RezzRx and all I have to say is WOW! It works great.”

Overall Conclusion

We will be able to tell for sure whether or not this product works once we receive our trial sample. By all indications, it seems to work great, despite a few mild side effects. As with any supplement, it is always recommended that you speak with a doctor before taking anything. While RezzRx does not claim significant growth, it does state that their product far exceeds the standards for good manufacturing practices, and it provides a suitable alternative to unhealthy and potential dangerous pharmaceutical agents.

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